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Most “MBA admissions calculators” use rigid rules to predict your chances of success when applying to MBA programs. But in the end, the lengthy forms you fill out serve mainly to give the process a scientific appearance.

The guts of most MBA admissions calculators are actually quite simple.  They are basically telling you:

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It is no big surprise that predicted odds are higher for applicants who are applying in Round 1 with great stats, Ivy League undergraduate degrees and prestige employers.

If you are still at square one in planning your MBA, and didn’t know how your GPA and GMAT compare to the averages at MBA programs, or which undergraduate institutions are highly represented in MBA classrooms, these calculators may be telling you some new information.

But most serious MBA applicants already knew that having a great GPA, GMAT and a successful career are major factors in MBA admissions decisions.

MBA Admissions is a Complicated, Holistic Process

In fact, predicting your odds of admission to an MBA program cannot be done accurately based on any simple data set.

We’ve seen many applicants with supposedly fatal flaws in their candidacy go on to be admitted to Top 10 or Top 20 MBA programs. We’re talking about serious issues, like:

It goes without saying that each of these applicants had many good qualities beyond these issues, but most calculators would have predicted that the applicants would have almost zero chances of being admitted.

On the other hand, we receive numerous requests from applicants to perform a “ding analysis” after they applied unsuccessfully without using our services. And among that pile, there are numerous applicants with great MBA profiles who were declined, sometimes for unrealistic career plans, other times for attitudinal factors, and other times for just failing to tell their story in a memorable way. Calculators would have told these applicants that they were a sure thing at every school.

Want to know a bit more about how to assess your own odds before you fill out the calculator? Check out the video below.

The Human-Powered MBA Admissions Calculator

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We’ll do it without the false precision of calculators that tell you that you have a “37% chance at Wharton.” Instead, you can expect us to tell you whether your target schools are:

Not only this, we will provide you with a few free educational materials that go beyond predicting your odds, and help you to understand how you can actually improve your odds of MBA admissions by taking the right steps (sample: 4 Secrets to Know Before Hiring an MBA Admissions Consultant).

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