The Emory Goizueta MBA Program – What to Know as an Applicant

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Emory University’s Goizueta Business School not only has a reputation for its MBA program, but also for its undergraduate business program, which has an excellent placement record with about 20% of undergraduates going into consulting and 27% into finance. The strength of the graduate and undergraduate programs combined will broaden your network and improve visibility with employers. 

Another factor to consider for Goizueta Business School is the small program size of about 170 students and the low 5:1 student to faculty ratio. The small ratios and class sizes will come in handy in your career development journey, as you are much more likely to receive individual attention and assistance throughout the job search process. 

Nearly 50% of Goizueta MBA graduates go into consulting. The program also has an impressive 97% of its students receiving job offers within three months of graduation. Because of its location in Atlanta, GA, the business school has excellent job placement across the US Southeast region.

Emory Goizueta MBA Class Profile

Class SizeDoes not disclose
Acceptance Rate37%
GMAT Average709
GPA Average3.47
Average AgeDoes not disclose
Avg. Years Work Experience6
Diversity Women34%
Diversity Intl.49%
Pre-MBA IndustriesDoes not disclose
Undergraduate MajorsDoes not disclose

The data above is from 2023 and represents the Emory Goizueta class of 2025.
See the full report: Emory Goizueta MBA Class Profile

Read how Emory’s class of 2024 exemplifies the school’s commitment to diversity.

Student Experiences

Emory Goizueta MBA Employment Report & Careers

Salary Average$134,700.00
Signing bonus does not disclose
Offers Upon GraduationDoes not disclose
Offers At 3 Mos.99
Post-MBA IndustriesConsulting: 37%
Financial Services: 23%
Technology: 20%
Other (Real Estate and Industrial Goods): 7%
Consumer Packaged Goods: 6%
Transportation & Logistic Services: 5%
Pharma/Biotech/Healthcare: 2%
Post-MBA LocationsUnited States: 96%
Mid-Atlantic: 5%
Midwest: 4%
Northeast: 15%
South: 54%
Southwest: 3%
West: 15%
Non-US: 4%
Post-MBA Companies

Does not disclose

Career Development Resources

Emory Goizueta Career Resources

The data above is from 2023 and represents the career statistics of the Emory Goizueta class of 2023.
See the full report: Emory Goizueta MBA 2023-2024 Employment Report

Emory Goizueta MBA Academic Programs

MBA Curriculum

Emory Goizueta’s MBA curriculum is spread out across the fall and spring semesters of the two years of the program. Students take elective courses in three out of the four semesters. The program’s core curriculum consists of 11 classes. These classes cover topics in Economics, Leading Organizations and Strategy, Financial Reporting and Analysis, and Marketing Management. Goizueta Business School offers a selection of 90 elective courses for students to choose from. These courses span across a wide range of subjects, including Social Enterprise, Technology Management, Leadership, General Marketing, and Alternative Investments. 

See the full offering of courses: Goizueta MBA Course Catalog


While Emory Goizueta does not have official majors as part of its degree, students can elect to pursue one of 20 concentrations offered in the program. Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Real Estate, and Global Management are some of the available concentrations that students can choose from.

Experiential Learning Programs

Through the Goizueta IMPACT program, students put their problem-solving skills to use by working on practical problems. The impact core classes during the first semester of the program ensure that foundational business skills are in place for the spring semester, where students work in project teams on practical problems. The semester is capped off by the Goizueta IMPACT Showcase Day contest, during which students present their recommendations and compete for the grand prize.

Research Centers

The Alternative Investments Center at Emory Goizueta provides resources on the various aspects of alternative investments for global institutional investors. This center is complemented by the Marketing Analytics Center, which focuses on using data to make better, more informed business decisions. 

MBA International Study Programs

One of the global opportunities offered by Emory Goizueta is the option to participate in a faculty-led travel module that allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of a business topic in an international setting. Students can also choose to complete an internship, project or exchange abroad during the two years of their MBA.

Video Resources on Emory Goizueta Academics

Emory Goizueta MBA Application

The latest application requirements set by the Emory Goizueta MBA admissions office are described below.

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Here are the prompts for Emory Goizueta’s most recent application:

Career Goals Essay

  • What will professional success look like immediately after your MBA experience? Please describe where you would like this degree program to take you professionally. Include information such as desired job title, responsibilities, company impact, and/or industry. Explain how your professional experiences and personal strengths align with your post-MBA goals. (upload file, 200 word limit)

Behavioral Essay

  • Leadership in Business: Goizueta Business School is a values-driven community with a mission to prepare principled leaders to have an influence on business and society. Please tell us which of the Goizueta Core Values (Courage, Accountability, Integrity, Rigor, Diversity, Team, Community) resonates most with you and share a personal account of demonstrating leadership in this area within your current or previous company or service organization. The committee is interested in a personal story of leadership. (upload file, 200 word limit)

Why This School?

  • What are you looking to gain from Goizueta’s MBA degree and how do you see yourself contributing to the Goizueta community? (upload file, 200 words)

Video Essay

  • Telling your story in the written essays is an important part of the application process, but we also want to hear you tell some of your story. The video essay lets every candidate talk to the MBA Admissions Committee and we enjoy getting to know you through the “small talk” questions.

Optional Essay

  • If there is an important part of your story missing from your MBA application (e.g., unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, academic probation issues), please use this section to provide a brief explanation. Please use bullets if you need to address more than one topic. (upload file, 200 words)

Read more about Emory Goizueta’s MBA Essays 2023-2024.

Video Resources on Emory Goizueta Admissions

Emory Goizueta MBA Admissions Interviews

Emory Goizueta offers the option of an open-interview, which is conducted in the time leading up to the Round 1 application deadline. After that, interviews are by invitation only. Each interview is conducted by a member of the admissions committee or a select group of alumni. Questions that are part of the Emory Goizueta interview are typically those related to your work experience, post-MBA career goals, and how you see yourself contributing to the Goizueta community. Interviews are conducted either on-campus or virtually.

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What Makes Emory Goizueta Unique?

  • Small class size. Only about 170 students make up the Goizueta MBA class, and therefore, there is a low 5:1 student to faculty ratio.
  • Strong employment report. 97% of its graduates received offers within three months of graduation. Moreover, the salaries for the school’s MBA graduates are continually rising, and the average is currently at $149,000.
  • High placement into consulting. 49% percent of graduates from the two-year full time MBA program were placed in consulting positions in 2019.

*All data retrieved from the Emory Goizueta MBA Program webpages, unless otherwise stated.

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