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Top-Tier Management Consultant and F500 Retail Strategist Admitted at HBS, Kellogg, Booth

Coming from management consulting, Vicky wanted to move into the entrepreneurial sphere, with the aim to take on a leadership role within her family business. An MBA would help her access a global network, sharpen her business acumen and gain operational knowledge to perform better in her family’s company. She was keen on applying after just 3 years of consulting; Alice gave her the tough love advice that she’d be stronger after another year of experience, and she took this to heart by joining a major retailer in an exciting strategy role.

During the essay writing process, Vicky ran into challenges forming her story. She worked with Alice, Leslie, and David to help her pick the strongest theme that tied together her diverse experiences.

Vicky admits that she underestimated the MBA interview process. She was in consulting, after all – how much practice would she really need? But when she received the HBS invite, she wanted to do absolutely everything she could to improve her chances, and did multiple mock interviews to make sure she was ready for the big day. 

Despite the roadblocks she encountered during the application process, the personal relationships she built with Alice, Leslie, and David really pushed her and gave her the confidence to keep going. In the end, she won acceptance to Harvard, Kellogg, and Booth, and says, “HBS is a school I can’t say no to, so I’ll be starting my new chapter with HBS!”

Vicky on Her Experience with Menlo Coaching

Vicky’s Detailed MBA Admissions Case Study

Investment Banker with Social Impact Goals Admitted at Booth, Haas, NYU Stern, Anderson

After transitioning from corporate law into investment banking, Mohsen was drawn to an MBA as a step toward his long-term dream: return to his home country of Bahrain to start a merchant bank that would invest in new ventures and help the country to reduce its dependence on oil.

Mohsen came to Menlo Coaching because he was getting overwhelmed with sifting through the free advice on MBA applications online and trying to make sense of the conflicting opinions. He had trouble finding a way to tell his unusual story, as well as finding a writing style that suited him. We worked with Mohsen to understand his core motivations, and help him to tell a story that was both aspirational and practical, and in terms of describing the role of the MBA, tailored precisely to each school’s unique program and culture.

Mohsen’s favorite part of his work with Menlo Coaching was the interview prep. As he explains, “It really helped me, not only interview a lot better, take me from being quite tense to being very open and enthusiastic and joyful, but it also helped me build better relationships with my interviewers.”

The campus visit reports and the Menlo Coaching network also proved to be very useful to Mohsen as he decided which schools were (and were not) a good fit for him. Mohsen came into the process aiming for Los Angeles area schools that could place him in investment banking while keeping him close to his family, and didn’t realize until later in the process that a few other schools would be an even better fit for him. He emailed David and Yaron on Christmas Eve 2018, assembled some great applications – pulling from the months of work he had already put into the others – and was able to turn a positive result to Chicago Booth, where he will start in the fall (plus offers from Anderson, Haas and NYU Stern).

Mohsen on Menlo Coaching’s Skill & Service

Mohsen’s Detailed MBA Admissions Case Study

Non-Traditional Applicant Admitted at Wharton, Booth, MIT Sloan, Haas and NYU Stern

Coming from a non-traditional background in public service and a niche area of IP law, Julia sought help from an MBA admissions consultant to help her tell the best version of her story, as well as to understand what she wanted to get out of business school. She worked with us to not only define her post-MBA career goals, but also figure out how an MBA would help her achieve them.

One of her biggest concerns was school selection. We convinced Julia to visit her target schools, about which she said: “I had not anticipated how much of an introspective time this can be and how much understanding the fit with the school really, really matters.” She actually took the unusual step of crossing off HBS from her list for reasons that she discusses in the video, showing how confident she had become in knowing which schools really fit her best.

Although she was quite nervous about the essay writing, she comments that the Menlo Coaching program gave a lot of structure to the process, and appreciated the insights that she received by discussing her essays with more than one of our coaching team. 

Besides the intro call with Rebecca, Julia’s favorite call was at the end of the process where she, David, and Rebecca discussed negotiating five offers. Ultimately, Julia was accepted to Wharton and Booth with generous scholarships, a full ride for NYU Stern, and admissions offers at Berkeley Haas and MIT Sloan.

Julia on Finding Her Story with Menlo Coaching

Julia’s Detailed MBA Admissions Case Study

LA-Area Finance Professional Joining Family Business in Healthcare Admitted at Haas, Anderson, Marshall

Justin’s non-traditional career path motivated him to pursue an MBA in order to consolidate his knowledge and prepare for an executive role in the healthcare industry. He started in oil and gas, then moved to pure finance analytics, and afterwards moved completely into a different field, healthcare. Although his family business afforded him the opportunity to make career switches quite quickly, this was something he wasn’t really sure how to properly communicate to the admissions committee or within his essay.

Menlo Coaching helped Justin not only to tease out ideas and structure his application process, but gave him the push he needed to get the job done under a tight schedule and busy work/personal life.

Justin was appreciative of Menlo’s flexibility and dedication, stating, “I expected a consultant to be very reactive where I would have to be pushing them for answers and pushing them for the tricks to increase my chances of getting into a program. But really they were the ones that came forth to me. David and Rebecca are working early, working late, and usually I would get a response within an hour or two.”

Justin was admitted to all three programs that he applied to with Menlo Coaching, including his stretch school, UC Berkeley Haas, where he will begin his MBA journey.

Justin on Menlo Coaching’s Workflow & Support

Justin’s Detailed EWMBA Admissions Case Study

European-Focused Engineer Accepted at INSEAD, Cambridge Judge

As an engineer who lived in Canada, spoke fluent French, spent time in Switzerland growing up, and wanted a diverse, multicultural higher education experience, Sophie honed in on European MBA programs. An engineer by trade, and having also worked in sales and marketing, she hit a point in her career where she knew that she’d reached a limit of what she could learn on the job.

Sophie was set on INSEAD, but nervous about portraying herself in the applications – she’s a math whiz who never had to do much essay writing at work. Menlo Coaching helped her navigate the nuances of writing about working for her father’s company, and also guided Sophie in lining up her personal background against her goal (product manager in artificial intelligence), rather than allowing the admissions committee to think that she was only following the trend.

Sophie’s second target school was the Cambridge Judge Business School, and through talking with Alice (a Cambridge alum!) and reaching out to current students, she found out that it was a perfect fit for her, personally. The research park around Cambridge was unparalleled for her goal of getting into an AI product management job. She was ultimately accepted to both INSEAD and Cambridge (with scholarships at both), and chose to join the Judge Business school to complete her MBA in the UK.

Sophie on Essay Writing with Menlo Coaching

Sophie’s Detailed MBA Admissions Case Study

Small-Company Applicant and Aspiring Investment Banker Admitted to UNC Kenan-Flagler, Emory Goizueta, Georgetown McDonough

Eager to get into a great school to get him into investment banking, Pete’s motivation for the MBA was guided by his career goal from the start. However, he admits that the investment banking industry was new to him, let alone the pursuit of an MBA. Because of this, and the fact that he came from an undergraduate program that isn’t a top feeder to MBA programs, Pete knew he’d need some help portraying himself properly and developing the skills needed to interview successfully.

We started by working on Pete’s career goals, encouraging him to do informational interviews with several current investment bankers. We also mapped Pete’s skills – analyzing financial data and preparing his supervisors for high-stakes negotiations – onto the role of a typical investment banking analyst. These initial steps ultimately prepared Pete for both writing clear essays and interviewing successfully, confident about connecting his background with his desired career path and knowing how the MBA fit into the puzzle.

Pete was admitted to UNC Kenan-Flagler, Georgetown McDonough, and Emory Goizueta, with generous scholarships at two of the three programs. He enrolled at Emory Goizueta due to its small class size, great culture and, most importantly, for its excellent ties to opportunities in investment banking.

Pete on Choosing & Investing in Menlo Coaching

Pete’s Detailed MBA Admissions Case Study