Menlo Coaching Reviews & Video Testimonials

Shopping for MBA admissions consulting services can be difficult:

With this in mind, we are offering video interviews with numerous former clients of Menlo Coaching who speak about their MBA application journeys and the process they went through before selecting Menlo Coaching.

Want to get a quick idea about what it’s like working with Menlo Coaching? Watch a few videos below. Or look further down this page if you want detailed MBA admissions case studies.

The Menlo Coaching Service, in Our Clients’ Words

—I don’t think there’s another firm that offers something that is even of the same type, let alone the same quality.

—Instead of telling you what you want to hear, Menlo tells you what you need to hear.


—Menlo’s business model also is the best economically. I applied to multiple schools and would have paid 2x if I went down the route of the fixed cost model other organizations offer.

If you are on the fence about hiring an admissions consultant, invest in yourself and do it — I’m glad I did.

Want to hear even more? Check out these case studies of former Menlo Coaching clients admitted to top MBA programs: