GMAT Prep: Reviews & Student Testimonials

Menlo Coaching offers hourly GMAT tutoring services alongside our live GMAT Prep Course. In the videos below you can hear directly from our GMAT students as they discuss our unique curriculum, their interactions in the classroom, and their experience with our tutors.

What Our Clients are Saying…

I joined Menlo Coaching’s GMAT Prep Course to push my score beyond 700

Bianca, 70 point improvement

GMAT scores above 700 require not only a mastery of underlying content, but also a very particular set of problem-solving strategies and mindsets. Menlo Coaching’s GMAT Prep Course and 1:1 Tutoring, designed by GMAT expert Chris Kane, are designed for high scorers. There is absolutely no teaching to the median:  if you sign up with a Menlo Coaching GMAT service, prepare to be challenged and held to the high standard required to score in the 700s.

I learned strategies to think through GMAT problems on my own

Veda, 720 to 760 in 4 weeks

Beyond developing your critical thinking, pattern recognition, abstraction, and problem solving skills, Menlo Coaching’s GMAT services also teach you to recognize the “con”—or to determine where difficulty really lies in a problem and what mechanisms and tricks are being used to create it.

2 Great Options to Prepare you for the GMAT

GMAT Prep Course

Prepare for the GMAT in a group course. This option is a good fit for those who are just starting their preparation or who need general improvement on most components of the exam.

Our GMAT prep course is $1,600 for a comprehensive 5-week course.

1:1 Tutoring

Work with one of our expert tutors on a private basis. This option is perfect for students who have targeted weaknesses or want more personalized attention. 

Tutoring packages range from 10, 14, and 20 hours.