Free GRE Study Materials—Everything You Need in One Place

Preparing to take the GRE general test can seem overwhelming when you’re first starting out. You may not know the structure of the GRE or what sections are included. Or, you may just be wondering about the best GRE prep techniques.

Your standardized test score is an important component of any grad school application. So, it’s important to invest your time in test prep. If you’re studying for the GRE, most of your time should be spent refreshing materials, taking GRE practice tests, and, subsequently, improving your score.

That’s why we’ve gathered all the information and resources you’ll need to get your best GRE score.

GRE Basics

What’s a “Good” GRE Score?

There is no one answer to this question, “What is a good GRE score?” All graduate schools have different GRE score expectations for their applicants.

You should know your baseline scores as you begin your GRE test prep, as this will help you determine how much you need to prepare. For example, a below-average score indicates that you need to study more and take more full-length practice tests.

GMAT vs GRE: Which Test is Right for You?

The GRE is made up of three parts: the verbal section, quantitative reasoning section, and analytical writing section. The GMAT contains these same three sections in addition to an integrated reasoning section.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between the GRE exam and the GMAT exam, how they compare with each other, and which option is right for your graduate school applications.

GRE Percentiles—What They Mean and Why They Don’t Matter

The GRE score percentile is a test measure released by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). It can be used as a tool to compare your performance with others who attempted the exam during a specific period.

While the GRE percentile may sound like an objective tool, there are better ways to determine if your GRE score is good enough to secure your admission to graduate school.

What is the GRE?—Structure, Scores, and FAQs

Find answers to common GRE questions, including:

  • What are the GRE Sections?
  • How Much Do GRE Scores Matter?
  • How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the GRE?

Along with many more!

How Long Is the GRE?—And Other Timing Questions

It is important to take a timed full-length practice test before your GRE test day. Figuring out how long you have to answer questions on each section of the GRE—vocab, quantitative, and analytical writing—will allow you to feel confident when taking the actual exam.

We’ve gathered all the information you need to know about the time limits of the GRE, so you can spend your precious study hours taking practice tests and improving your score instead of worrying about logistics.

GRE Sections Breakdown

There are five total sections of the GRE—one analytical writing section, two verbal sections, and two quant sections.

Take a look at the GRE exam at section level to understand:

  • How Many Questions Are in Each Section?
  • What Determines the Difficulty of Each Section?
  • How Much Time is Allotted for Each Section?

GRE Cost: A Complete Overview

Taking the GRE is a costly affair for most applicants. The total cost of attempting the GRE includes not only the test fees but also study materials and—potentially—tutoring services.

This article breaks down the cost of registering for the GRE exam all over the world, how much GRE preparation materials are likely to set you back, and how you can save money as you study for the GRE.

Mastering GRE Verbal Reasoning—Strategies for Success

This article is for students who need a high GRE verbal reasoning score in order to be competitive at their target graduate programs.

This includes MBA applicants, who need a high composite GRE score, but it is specifically catered toward individuals in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, for whom a high aptitude for verbal reasoning is more beneficial than a quantitative or analytical proficiency.

GRE Math for Single-Section Improvement

If you’re pursuing grad programs that prioritize quant skills or simply need to balance your overall score, this GRE Math article is for you.

We’ll cover the intricacies of the Quant section, explore the types of questions asked, and equip you with strategies to conquer the GRE quant section on test day.

Official GRE Practice Questions

Using official GRE practice questions is the most efficient—and effective—way to prepare for the GRE test.

The ETS offers two free practice tests on their website, in addition to online writing practice.

Unofficial free practice tests are less useful than official practice tests. This is due to differences in expertise and resources between the actual GRE question writers and the question writers offering free GRE prep. GRE test question writers set out to mislead test takers. Thus, a GRE practice test written by another source would not have questions tricky enough to prepare you for the actual GRE.

To practice with official test material—and gain expert advice on how to approach each example problem—check out our pages covering multiple GRE sample questions and answers.

Free GRE Practice Questions

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Free GRE Practice Tests

Numerous test prep companies advertise free practice exams for the GRE General Test, but these can be misleading and even detrimental to your GRE preparation. This article will explain why you should only use official GRE practice tests, even if you have to pay a little extra.

Applying for an MBA?

Average GRE Scores for MBA Programs, 2023-2017

See how your GRE score compares to scores of admitted students at your target programs.

Compare the average GRE scores of admitted applicants at the world’s leading business schools—including data from 2017-present.

Finding out how your GRE score compares to the average at your target MBA programs can help you

GRE to GMAT Conversion Chart: Estimate Your Score

Figure out the approximate GMAT score equivalent to your GRE score

Our GRE-GMAT conversion chart will estimate you how your GRE quant scores and verbal reasoning scores equate to a GMAT score.

However, these conversions are not exact for several reasons. Read more to find out why these conversions can’t be fully trusted.

Looking for GRE Help?

GRE Tutoring From the Experts

The best way to prepare for the GRE is to study with a tutor. With a GRE tutor, you will receive personalized assistance according to your learning style and desired test results.

Online practice tests, instructional videos, and other free resources can be helpful, an expert tutor will clear a path for you to achieve your target score.

GRE Study Plan: Ace the GRE in Only 10 Weeks!

Instead of over-extending yourself in a single month, we recommend dedicating a longer, 10-week period to GRE prep (see our proposed GRE study schedule) and starting early!

We’ll provide some golden rules for developing your own GRE study plan—as well as a sample 10-week GRE study schedule to help you achieve your target score efficiently.

How to Study for the GRE in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re in the midst of preparing for the GRE general test or just getting started with your studying, you might be wondering how to study for the GRE effectively.

In this article, expert GRE tutor, David Baird, lays out the most effective way to get ready for the GRE exam—in just three simple GRE study steps.

2023-2024 GRE Test Dates

Planning your actual test date is an important step in preparing for the GRE. Once you have picked your date, you need to devise a study schedule that will allow you to feel prepared on test day.

Read more about testing options and other practical details in our article, updated for 2023-2024.

How is the GRE Changing in 2023-2024?

We’ll delve into the key alterations introduced in the 2023-2024 GRE, including its new shorter test-time and the reduction in test sections.

Read more to understand their implications, and discover how they might affect prospective test-takers.

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