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Usually available exclusively through their robust 5-figure MBA Admission Consulting package, this is a rare chance to get standalone interview prep from some of the best MBA admissions consultants* in the business.

*Menlo Coaching’s founders were the #1 and #3 ranked MBA admissions consultants (out of 500) by Poets&Quants for 2018.

I actually worked with Alice the weekend before my GSB interview. Alice got right to work even though she had not worked with me throughout the application process. She helped me stay focused on being clear, concise, and very specific. I had my best interview after that because I had come to know myself best. I could not have done that without the two sessions I worked with Alice to meticulously understand what drives me and what I will uniquely bring to the GSB! I wholly recommend Alice and would give her 6 stars if I could!

Ms. F.
Admitted to Stanford

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Who Needs Personalized Interview Preparation?

In short, everyone.

If you’re like most people, the impending face-to-face interviews are the thing you’re least looking forward to out of the entire MBA application and admissions process.

And if you happen to be one of those fortunate few for whom the interviews don’t induce a cold sweat, your confidence could potentially be your downfall.

The good news is, if you’ve been invited to a school for an interview there’s a more than 50% chance you’ll be admitted to their MBA program.

The bad news is, this means the stakes are at their absolute highest!

Whether you’re naturally confident or not, if you don’t know the specific things that each school is looking for – and expecting to see – in the interview, you probably won’t give your very best answers or be able to present yourself in the best possible light.

Which could mean losing out on potential scholarships or, worse still, having your entire application rejected.

Knowing how crucial it is to get this component right, we developed a rigorous, 3-phase interview preparation process designed to match your unique strengths and story to the requirements and interview style of each of your target schools.

3 MBA Interview Prep Options

Option 1

General Preparation

Based on the thousands of interview reports our clients have sent us over the years, we faithfully recreate typical interview questions, letting you face your fears in a safe environment, where you still have a chance to course-correct.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Master the basics (“Tell me about yourself”, “Why an MBA?”, or “Why this school?”)
  • Learn how to handle and prepare for curveball questions designed to make you think on your feet
  • Get LOTS of high-quality feedback at every stage
  • Be able to practice tough questions repeatedly (until we’re both sure you’ve got it right)
  • Get a recording of each mock interview session so you can continue to improve on your own time

Option 2

Communications Training

The MBA interviews are about more than just getting the “right” answers to questions. The interviewer wants to see that you’re humble and authentic, that your personality will fit in well with the other students.

To make sure you’re presenting at your peak – come interview time – we bring in Eduardo Placer and the crack team of former pro actors at Fearless Communicators to take you through their 2-hour, physical and emotional training program, Unlock Your Voice.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Get personalized advice about your unique communication style
  • Find out how to best play to your experience and strengths
  • Master staying positive and confident in high-pressure situations
  • Learn how to predictably be your best, most confident, and authentic self

Option 3

School-Specific Interviews

If you prepare for all your interviews as though they are one and the same thing, you’re unlikely to succeed at standing out from your fellow applicants and could seriously harm your chances of being accepted.

There’s a big difference between the friendly Team-Based Discussion style of interview employed at Wharton, and the deeply detail-oriented Behavioral Interview style used at MIT Sloan. Every MBA interview is different, and in Phase 3, we’ll tailor your prep based on your target programs.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Become confident speaking in front of a mix of people, if you’re going to be doing team-based interviews
  • Learn to go deep on your background and get comfortable talking about current events in your industry or region, if HBS is on your list
  • Prepare to answer detailed questions about your past experiences, if one of your schools uses behavioral interview techniques
  • Leapfrog past other applicants who are either using less-experienced coaches, or relying on their natural extroverted ways to get through their interviews

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