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  • I worked with Alice throughout my application process including the interview preparation. Since our initial assessment discussion, I realized that Alice was very smart and had the right intuitions: She quickly made sense of my various previous experiences and how they would connect to each other. I am a quant person with limited writing experience myself, and Alice acted as a very helpful sounding board for my essays. Her expertise in writing allowed her give me very thoughtful feedback on the style, tone and content. I also liked the fact that I had full ownership over my essays and what I wrote on them. Finally, working with her personally made things very effective as she really got to know my personality very well. I highly recommend Alice! Read more

    Mr. C. Admitted to HBS and Wharton

  • Alice made sure that I didn’t miss out on any life experiences that would distinguish me from other applicants, and she was also helpful with recommenders, who she interviewed and helped to draft the letters. I quickly received an invitation to interview at Cambridge Judge, and then an offer including a generous bursary! Menlo Coaching also helped me with career coaching. I knew that my salary was lower than the median for my position, and David helped me to create a negotiation strategy that ultimately resulted in me receiving a significant promotion. Although I am glad that the admission process is over, I will miss talking to Alice and David at Menlo Coaching! Read more

    Mr. T. Admitted to Cambridge Judge

  • I actually worked with Alice the weekend before my GSB interview. My sister had worked with her on her HBS application and recommended I prepare with Alice ahead of my interview on Monday. On a late Friday afternoon, Alice got right to work even though she had not worked with me throughout the application process. She helped me stay focused on being clear, concise, and very specific. She really listened to what my desires were and helped me fine tune them to put my best foot forward at my interview. I believe I had my best interview after that because I had come to know myself best. I could not have done that without the two sessions I worked with Alice to meticulously understand what drives me and what I will uniquely bring to the GSB! I wholly recommend Alice and would give her 6 stars if I could! Read more

    Ms. F. Admitted to Stanford

  • I worked with Alice for my HBS interview and post-interview reflection. Alice really stands out for her focused attention, extensive experience and what is more, the PERSONAL touch, compared to all other consultants I worked with (3 others, I know! It is a lot!). I spent four hours with Alice, three of which are used on three mock interviews and the last hour on post-reflection letter (I recommend others to use this multiple-session approach). During my first session, Alice focused on getting me to articulate my personal stories and pointed out my weakness: ability to explain technical things in simple terms. Alice helped me structure the ways that can help me explain and we spent the second session on career-related topics and some curve-ball questions. My last mock session with Alice was the day before my interview. (As you can imagine, I was alone, in a hotel room, feeling nervous). That last call REALLY helped soothe my nerves, brush up all things I have prepared so far and get some last minute questions answered. I look at MBA consultants as more than someone who edit my essays. In the case with Alice, she was mentor who coached me through the interview prep process, as well as a friend who gave me much-needed support and confidence for the final push. Read more

    Ms. L. Admitted to HBS

  • Alice reached out to me whilst I was still trying to decide whether to apply to business school or not. Her insightful and sincere feedback about my profile during our introductory call not only hinted at how impactful her help could be for my application, but also gave me the self confidence to finally decide in favor of applying. I then worked with her throughout the application period and she became my most trusted source not only for my essays or interview prep but also with many other small parts of this lengthy endeavor. This is because she truly tries to understand who you are and uses this insight as a center of gravity as she helps polish your application. It was a joy and great comfort to work with Alice and I would highly recommend her to all candidates who want to get admitted to their dream schools! Read more

    Mr. T. Admitted to Columbia and London Business School

How we help

School Selection

We help you pick MBA programs that fit with your career goals and offer a good chance for you to be admitted.

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Writing about yourself can be tough. We’ll help you to craft an overall profile, to create a story line for each essay and to polish the writing.

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Our mock interviews simulate the questions and pressure of a real MBA admissions interview. Practice with us now so you can be confident later.

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Most business schools require two recommenders. We’ll help you figure out who to approach (and how to approach them). And, if needed, we’ll help them to write effective recommendations.

Resume Coaching

An MBA resume is very different from a job search resume. We help you create a resume that is clear, professional, and in line with the profile you want to present to the admissions committee.

Project management

We use the Basecamp project management tool to help you stay on top of tasks and deadlines.

Video interviews

Kellogg, Yale, MIT Sloan, INSEAD, London Business School, and others use videos as part of their application process. We’ll practice video questions with you over Skype until you are confident and ready to handle the application’s live video questions.

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Menlo Coaching offers a variety of workshops that are scheduled based on interest from participants. 
Depending on the locations of the participants, these workshops are held either by WebEx video conference or in-person in locations near Amsterdam (NL).  These workshops are separate from the 1:1 coaching services provided by Menlo Coaching and do not include 1:1 coaching.

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