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Our team of tutors and application consultants provides students like you with the individual attention, guidance, and structure you need to work harder, score higher, and achieve your most ambitious admissions goals.

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You’re not a cookie-cutter applicant—don’t accept a cookie-cutter approach

Mass-market quality is the standard rather than the exception for test prep and admissions consulting services.

  • Study apps, textbooks, and tutors that try to teach entrance exams in the same way, for every student
  • Consultants that use templates and worksheets to determine your “personality type,” or that try to fit you into one of a handful of general buckets
  • Massive client loads that even full-time staff couldn’t realistically serve (without cutting corners)
  • Poorly vetted part-time employees looking for a low-effort side hustle
  • Flashy marketing around vague and highly suspect “success rates”
  • A turnstile sales process that uses high-pressure tactics like sugar-coating or fear mongering designed to bring in as many clients as possible

Discover the Menlo Coaching Difference

In 2012, Menlo Coaching began offering a white glove, comprehensive MBA admissions consulting service for applicants targeting competitive business schools.

Since then, our team has expanded our admissions expertise and has helped thousands of applicants win admission to colleges and universities, graduate programs, and MBA programs.

Here’s how we deliver a holistic, humanized, boutique service:

  • Maximum Efficiency and Personalization: Our service is finely tuned to your individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Meaningful, Personalized Guidance: Our advice reflects a deep understanding of your unique journey.
  • Unrushed, Unlimited Support: You’ll never be “on the clock,” so you never feel rushed or under pressure.
  • Prompt Communication: Expect swift and thorough responses from our team.
  • Realistic Expectations: We set honest, achievable goals based on your true potential, steering you towards genuine, gratifying admissions outcomes without the risk of false hope.

I cannot underscore the importance of having a consultant there to really guide you throughout the entire process. Admissions is an emotional rollercoaster—a period of introspection, but also a time when you are striving towards producing the best applications possible within the deadlines. In the end, my consultant became both a mentor and a friend. I really think that’s because Menlo Coaching offers a very customized and personalized experience for the candidate. And it’s super critical: you want to feel like you are special and that your story is going to matter.


Harvard Business School, Class of 2025

When you work with us, you get

A Personalized Approach

Whether you’re studying for an exam or preparing an application, our tutors and coaches will always begin by learning about your long-term goals, concerns, and expectations. From there, they’ll devise an action plan that lays out the steps you’ll need to take.

Accountability and Organization

The service is always flexible and optimized for your needs, but we’ll hold you accountable too. With tools to track your progress, organize your study and application materials, and ultimately, meet deadlines, we’ll give you everything you need to navigate a daunting process.  

Expertise and Experience

Our team possesses a depth of knowledge built over many admissions cycles and many years of working with students. We’re well-versed in the nuances of admissions criteria at different schools and the intricacies of exam preparation. You can trust us to provide you with the insights, strategies, and knowledge that will streamline the application process.

Expertise for every type of applicant

Whether you’re looking to ace the SAT, build your profile for college admissions, prep for the GRE, or apply to elite MBA programs, we can build a custom package around you and your goals.

Admissions Consulting

Test Prep

When you make an investment in your future, our team will match it

Our coaches and tutors are chosen for their emotional intelligence and wholehearted commitment to students. With a profound grasp of the emotional aspects of the admissions process, they offer support beyond academic advice.

Alice van Harten

Alice van Harten, Ph.D.

Founding Partner

David White

Founding partner

Chris Kane

Head of Test Prep

Eduardo Placer

Eduardo Placer

Communications Coach

Rebecca Heath Anderson

Rebecca Anderson, M.B.A.

Sr. Consultant & Director

Pascal Michels, M.B.A.

Sr. Consultant & Director

Yaron Dahan, Expert Admissions Consultant

Yaron Dahan

Expert Consultant & Director, BD

Obinna Arizor portrait

Obinna Arizor, M.B.A.

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Leslie Monstavicius

Leslie Monstavicius, Ph.D.

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Maya Parikh Gandhi

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Lainie Blum Cogan

Sr. Consultant & Director

Joy Pincus

Sr. Consultant & Director

Jarrett Brandon Early, M.B.A.

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Brooke Mannelly

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Jason Milan

Sr. Consultant & Director, College

Hailey Cusimano

Director of Tutoring

Ron Awad

Ron Awad

GMAT Tutor

Dave de Koos

GMAT Tutor

David Baird, I.M.B.A.


Craig Cartier - Menlo Coaching GMAT Tutor

Craig Cartier

GMAT Tutor

Chris Speck

GMAT Tutor

Mike Butville, M.B.A.


Julie Norman

Julie Norman

Chief of Staff

Caoimhe O’Sullivan

Client Success Associate

Anonymous 5-star reviews making you nervous?

We’re the only firm with a full library of video testimonials…real names, real results

Admissions consulting and tutoring can be somewhat of a black box compared to other services you might pursue. It can be hard to verify who is a legitimate professional and who is just trying to cash a check.

Some firms will focus on marketing ploys like “success rates” and 5-star reviews.

But Menlo Coaching’s reputation is built on genuine client testimonials. Choose one of our service areas below to hear how our clients have benefited from the Menlo Coaching approach.

I hired Menlo Coaching because I felt like my application was really kind of my one shot, and I really just felt like I wanted to put my best foot forward and make one really good run at the application process and get a great outcome.

Megan Roberts

Admitted to HBS + GSB + Wharton. HBS Class of 2022

I think one of the most helpful processes from Menlo Coaching is the interview preparation. You go about mock interview from different angles, not just with your consultant, but with other people who might not know you as well, so there’s a fresh perspective.

Peter Lu

Harvard Business School, Class of 2023

Within the first few minutes of going through my profile, Yaron was able to be incredibly honest with me about where my weaknesses were and what my strengths were. And in that short call I learned more about the MBA application process than I had in the entire time researching it by myself.

Jon Lorenz

Stanford, Class of 2023

You’re going to be spending two years of your life doing something that you hope to get a good return on your investment on. Of course, I’m in a season of life where two years is even more important to me than it is to most people! So you really want to make sure you get the best service you can…and if you want that assurance, you really want Menlo Coaching.

David Morris

Yale EMBA, Class of 2024

The hardest part of EMBA applications was the introspection. You need to go through so much reflection when you’re putting together your personal statement. Rebecca was able to help me pick all of my personal and professional experiences apart and put it back together into a clear and concise application that really appealed to the admissions committee.


Justin Lee

Haas EWMBA, Class of 2022

When I originally started working with other companies  I found myself going through their lessons and really feeling like I was wasting a lot of time. Something that I really valued about working with Menlo Coaching is just how much more efficient it made my test prep process. I’m a full time college student and I have a lot of other things going on. When I was working with Chris, it was a lot more streamlined.


770 in 6 Weeks

I think my strength coming into studying with Menlo Coaching is that I studied engineering and I have a good base Quant knowledge. However, I really didn’t have a grasp of the strategy and how to approach and improve my responses on the verbal side of things. So I really wanted to work on that area, and that’s where Menlo Coaching was amazing.


From the 600s to 720

The efficiency of being able to bring me from a 660 to a 740 in less than 10 weeks is absolutely amazing. You would assume, man, it must’ve been 20 to 30 hours of tutoring to make that jump. It was only 10 hours. At the end of the day, working with Menlo Coaching was probably the best choice I made for my MBA and GMAT prep experience.


From a 660 to 740

In a short amount of time, just in the few hours we had together, I felt like I really maximized the ROI in terms of working with David and improving my scores, because it was just a few key areas that I needed to work on, and that’s what we were able to put all our focus.

Andrew Lehr

164 Quant, 158 Verbal

I had exhausted all the resources I could think of besides hiring a tutor that could really help get me to that next level. After doing some research, I quickly knew that Menlo Coaching was going to be the right choice for me. It was a fantastic experience. The biggest difference: working with Menlo Coaching, it was much more of a targeted plan.

Camilla Wang

164 Quant, 164 Verbal

Clientele from industry-leading firms.

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What Do I Need to Get Started?

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a successful Menlo Coaching client,
you should know that we look for two fundamental qualities in everyone we work with.

A willingness to be coached

We might not always tell you what you want to hear, but we’ll always have your best interests in mind. That means we may ask you to revisit your test score, reconsider your strategy, to rewrite a key component of your application. As long as you’re open to collaboration, we’re here to help.

A desire to work hard

It’s important that you know there’s a lot of work ahead. We can’t take your exams for you, and we won’t write your essays. Instead we’ll push you to do your best work and keep you on track.  

If you’re ready, let’s get started! Because we’ll take a personal approach, we need to learn a little bit more about you. Use the button below to fill out an application form. No commitment required. We’ll highlight all the different paths we see open to you—whether they involve our services or not.

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