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Whether you are enrolled in a GMAT prep course, working with a private tutor, or studying on your own, Menlo Coaching’s GMAT prep resources will help guide you through the long and arduous task of preparing for the GMAT. Here you can find links to articles covering topics like the ideal study schedule, GMAT study methods, and an extensive selection of sample problems with answers and analysis from expert GMAT tutor Chris Kane. You can also find more information about Menlo Coaching’s tutoring options.

GMAT Basics


Learn more about the GMAT exam and the GRE exam, how they compare with each other, and which option is right for your profile.

Should You Take the GMAT Online or In-Person?

There are a few important differences between the in-person and online GMAT that you should consider before you sign-up.

GMAT vs Executive Assessment

Learn about the differences between the GMAT vs the Executive Assessment (and how to decide which is right for you).

GMAT Exam Structure

Understand the current GMAT exam pattern and formatas well as the structure and format of the GMAT Focus Edition.

GMAT Study Resources

GMAT Study Schedule

Choosing when to study for the GMAT exam might be the most important decision in the preparation process. Learn how to build a successful study plan by following the GMAT schedule golden rules.

GMAT Study Guide: How to Prepare

In this “GMAT Study Guide”, GMAT expert Chris Kane lays out the most effective way to approach your exam prep. In fact, the approach explained here comes directly from our own GMAT curriculum. 

GMAT Study Methods

There are three major ways to study for the GMAT–Self Study, Classes, and Tutors. Which method is best to help you achieve a high GMAT score?

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Official GMAT Practice Problems

Using official GMAT practice questions is the most efficient—and effective—way to prepare for the GMAT test.

When preparing for the GMAT, it is essential that you use official GMAT practice questions. To practice with official test material–and gain expert advice on how to approach each example problem–check out our pages covering multiple GMAT sample questions and answers.

GMAT Scores

You may be wondering whether your current GMAT score is good enough, or what score you should be aiming for if you haven’t yet taken the exam. The answers to these questions depend on a number of factors, including the details of your profile and the overall test scores for a given year. Read Menlo Coaching’s articles on GMAT scoring to find out more.

GMAT Tutoring and Courses

The Best GMAT Prep Courses

A comparison of the best GMAT prep courses in 2024.

Menlo Coaching GMAT Prep Course

Faster than self-study and more affordable than private tutoring, our GMAT prep course is designed for students aiming for the 90th percentile.

Menlo Coaching GMAT Tutoring

One-on-one GMAT tutoring, delivered online, using official GMAT course materials at your pace, and catering to your specific test-preparation needs.

GMAT Tutor helps students master concepts

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