The Early Bird Gets the Worm MBA Offer

We’ve seen great success with applicants who start their coaching with us 6, 12, or even 24 months before their deadline.

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3 great reasons
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  1. Put yourself ahead of the incredibly strong competition for top spots and scholarships at top schools (while securing one of the limited spots at Menlo Coaching!)
  2. Accomplish time-sensitive and/or lengthy tasks to the best of your abilities:
    • Making sure you have the best possible GMAT score
    • Selecting an appropriate extracurricular activity
    • Doing campus visits and networking while school is in session
    • Researching and mapping out the right post-MBA career path
    • Fitting it all into your existing busy schedule
  3. Give yourself the time to develop a highly refined, targeted version of your personal story, career goals, and unique strengths – for essay and interview time ahead.

The Sooner You Start, the Better

Starting as an Early Bird, you raise your odds of being accepted at your first choice school, give yourself a less stressful experience, and get even more time to take advantage of Menlo Coaching’s:

Step-by-step application process

50+ comprehensive HD videos

Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching

Interview preparation

Communications training

School-specific knowledge and advice

Working in Private Equity, I was used to being in situations where you were pulling a couple of all-nighters to meet a deadline. I did not want any of that to touch my MBA process.

I worked with my consultant as early as possible and just chipped away at it in small bits. I actually finalized my application a week ahead of the submission deadline—that was a new experience for me. When you start early and chip away little by little—the returns compound.

Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts
Admitted to HBS + GSB + Wharton. HBS Class of 2022

Why You Should Prepare Early for Your MBA Applications

Give Yourself Time to Network

We have met hundreds, maybe thousands, of MBA applicants who contacted us in June and told us confidently about their plans to visit campuses before submitting their Round 1 applications. These applicants were disappointed when we reminded them that the students would be away for their internships during the summer, making it impossible to fit in a meaningful campus visit. Even beyond the campus visits, getting students and alumni to return your calls, and being introduced from one person to another, can take time. But getting to know each MBA program in detail, digging down deeper than you can with pure desk research, is critical to articulating your fit with each MBA program and getting the admissions offer.

Reduce Your Schedule Risk

Has your boss ever dumped a big project with a tight timeline on you? Have you ever needed to take an exam like the GMAT more than once in order to reach your target score? Was your flight to visit campus in Boston cancelled because of weather? Our previous clients have faced these challenges, and worse — one applicant fell ill with Dengue Fever only weeks before the deadline. Planning ahead, far in advance of the typical MBA application timeline, gives you a buffer and protects you against risks that could derail your application plans.

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