What You Need to Know about UCLA Anderson’s MBA Program

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UCLA Anderson is the leading business school in Los Angeles, and it has excellent placement in the LA offices of McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, as well as top investment banks. The LA location also has an advantage if you’re considering a career in tech post-MBA. LA ranks #3 in the tech job market in the country, after the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, and this advantage is visible from the 30% placement of graduates into the tech industry.

We’ve also heard excellent things about the career development opportunities at Anderson. The Parker Career Center has received stunningly positive reviews from former Menlo Coaching clients. The center is also consistently ranked highly by The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek.

You would be a good fit at Anderson if the business school’s personal values of “share success”, “think fearlessly”, and “drive change” resonate with you. Anderson believes in a value-based approach to leadership and a collective approach to success. Moreover, Anderson is committed to fostering diversity in their program, which is bolstered by the variety of cultures present in Los Angeles, and UCLA’s support for the Riordan Programs Alumni Association’s Saturday Business Academy, which brings business education to inner city youth.

UCLA Anderson MBA Class Profile

Class SizeDoes not disclose
Acceptance RateDoes not disclose
GMAT AverageDoes not disclose
GMAT MinimumDoes not disclose
GMAT MaximumDoes not disclose
GPA MinimumDoes not disclose
GPA MaximumDoes not disclose
Average AgeDoes not disclose
Avg. Years Work ExperienceDoes not disclose
Diversity WomenDoes not disclose
Diversity Intl.Does not disclose
Pre-MBA IndustriesDoes not disclose
Undergraduate MajorsDoes not disclose

The data above is from 2022 and represents the UCLA Anderson class of 2024.
See the full report: UCLA Anderson MBA Class Profile

Student Experiences

UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report & Careers

Salary Average$165,150.00
The average salary is a total of average salary + signing bonus ($135,273 + $29,877)
Offers Upon Graduation82
Offers At 3 Mos.93
Post-MBA IndustriesTechnology: 33.2% <br />Equipment/Hardware/Networking: 4.6% <br />General: 12.9% <br />Internet Services/E-Commerce: 6.8% <br />Multimedia Products and Services: 0.7% <br />Software: 8.2% <br /><br />Consulting: 16.4% <br /><br />Financial Services: 18.9% <br />Investment Banking/Brokerage: 10.7% <br />Investment Management: 3.3% <br />Private Equity/Venture Capital: 2.5% <br />Other Financial Services: 2.5% <br /><br />Healthcare: 7.9% <br />Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical: 1.8% <br />Medical Devices: 1.4% <br />Providers and Services: 2.1% <br />Other (including Digital Health): 2.5% <br /><br />Consumer Products: 7.5% <br />Apparel/Textiles: 1.8% <br />Beverages/Food/Household Goods: 4.3% <br />Other (including Luxury Goods and Toys): 1.4% <br /><br />Entertainment/Media: 6.1% <br />Gaming: 1.4% <br />General (Broadcast, Film, Music, Publishing): 2.5% <br />Sports Management: 0.7% <br />Other (including Advertising, Digital Media): 1.4% <br /><br />Real Estate: 3.6% <br />Commercial: 2.1% <br />General: 1.4%<br /><br />Energy/Utilities: 2.5% <br />Alternative Energy: 1.1% <br />Utility Services: 0.4% <br />Other (including EV Infrastructure): 1.1% <br /><br />Transportation/Logistics Services: 1.4% <br /><br />Other (including Agribusiness, Construction Services): 1.4%<br /><br />Retail: 0.7% <br /><br />Non-Profits/Social Enterprises: 0.4%
Post-MBA LocationsMid-Atlantic: 0.7%<br />Midwest: 4.3%<br />Northeast: 10.7%<br />South: 1.8%<br />Southwest: 2.5%<br />West (excluding California): 11.4%<br />Southern California: 40.4%<br />Northern California: 21.8%
Post-MBA Companies<p><a href="https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/sites/default/files/document/2022-01/ucla-anderson-ftmba-2021-employment-summary-sheet.pdf" target="_blank">UCLA Anderson Top Hiring Companies</a></p>
Career Development ResourcesDoes not disclose

The data above is from 2021 and represents the career statistics of the UCLA Anderson class of 2021.*
See the full report: UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report

UCLA Anderson MBA Academic Programs

MBA Curriculum

UCLA Anderson’s MBA curriculum is spread out across seven quarters over two years. Students take classes for four quarters in the first year and for the fall, winter, and spring quarters of the second year. The core curriculum at Anderson comprises nine foundation courses. Some of these courses include Data and Decisions, Business Strategy, Financial Accounting, and Operations Technology Management. Students begin taking elective courses starting the winter quarter of their first year. Some of the program’s more popular classes are Technology Analytics, FinTech, and Digital Marketing Strategy.

See the full offering of courses: UCLA Anderson MBA Course Catalog


Students are not required to select a major as part of their MBA at UCLA Anderson. Instead, the program offers the option of specializing in one of the 15 available business areas. These areas cover aspects of business such as accounting, consulting, social impact, and real estate.

Experiential Learning Programs

As part of their degree requirement, students must complete a capstone project, which focuses on real world business challenges. Students can fulfil this requirement through Applied Management Research, the Business Creation Option, the Student Investment Fund, the Anderson Strategy Group, or the NAIOP Real Estate Case Competition.

Research Centers

Anderson is home to eight academic centers. These centers provide students with a community around their research interests in areas ranging from Finance and Investments to Marketing Studies and Data Analytics.

MBA International Study Programs

Students enrolled in UCLA Anderson all participate in international study programs in order to complete a global degree requirement. This requirement can be met in one of three ways. Students can complete a global immersion course, an international Applied Management Research Field Study Project, or an on-campus global management elective course.

Video Resources on UCLA Anderson Academics

UCLA Anderson MBA Application

The latest application requirements set by the UCLA Anderson admissions office are described below.


Here are the prompts for Anderson’s 2022-2023 application:

  • Your Impact Tell us about a recent personal or professional achievement and how it connects to your MBA goals. (250 words maximum)

    We welcome reflection on any achievement in your personal or professional lives, and look forward to learning about the specific ways you left your mark and how it inspires your goals at UCLA Anderson.
  • Your Impact

    Tell us about a recent personal or professional achievement and how it connects to your MBA goals. (250 words maximum)

  • Career Goals

    Describe your short-term and long-term post-MBA career goals. (text box, 600 characters)

  • UCLA & Your Goals

    How can UCLA Anderson help you achieve your career and/or personal goals? (text box, 1000 characters)

Read more: UCLA Anderson MBA Essays: Tips for 2022-2023

Letters of Recommendation 

The 2022-2023 Anderson recommender questions are as follows:

  • Additional Information

    Is there anything else we should know? (optional) (PDF or text box)

    Based on your professional experience, how do you rate this candidate compared to their peer group?

    (Unable to assess, below average, average, very good (well above average), excellent (top 10%), outstanding (top 5%), the best encountered in my career)

    Overall, I…

    (Do not recommend this applicant; recommend this applicant, with reservations; recommend this applicant; enthusiastically recommend this applicant)

    (Text box)
  • Constructive Feedback

    Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (Recommended word count: 300 words)

    (Text box)
  • Compare performance to other well-qualified individuals

    How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles?

    e.g., what are the applicant’s principal strengths? (Recommended word count: 300 words)

    (Text box)
  • Description of Interaction and Role

    Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (Recommended word count: 50 words)

    (Text box)

Video Resources on UCLA Anderson Admissions

UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions Interviews

UCLA Anderson’s interviews are typically 30 mins long, and take place either in person or via Skype. All interviews are conducted by second year MBA students, who receive your resume before the interview, but not your application. 

For more on this, see our UCLA Anderson MBA Interview Guide.

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What Makes UCLA Anderson Unique?

  • Parker Career Management Center: The career center is consistently top-ranked for student satisfaction. There is a 100% placement rate among students seeking an internship.
  • Fully Employed MBA: This three-year program boasts a strong ROI, with a reported 137% increase is salary 6-8 years post-MBA and a 23% — 34% salary increase during the MBA. The program also has three flexible schedule options, with classes all day on Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday evening classes, and a hybrid schedule between the two.

*All data retrieved from the UCLA Anderson MBA Program webpages, unless otherwise stated.