Frequently asked questions

What is your success rate?
The overwhelming majority of our clients are admitted to one of their target schools. We help applicants to select schools that are in line with their qualifications and don’t hesitate to recommend against particular schools (or even against an MBA). We’re happy to help you apply to a stretch school if you understand the odds and do so in the context of a balanced list of schools.

Having said that, we recommend against using success rate as the main way to select a consultant because this metric is easily manipulated by either a) taking only perfect candidates, or b) convincing applicants to apply to easy schools. Furthermore, there is no satisfying way for applicants to verify claimed success rates.
How much does it cost?
Most clients pay a low five figure amount for comprehensive support on their application process. We can give you an exact quote after a consultation once we know where and when you are applying.

Interview preparation, which includes a 2-hour communications training session, two mock interviews and access to our self-paced interview curriculum is $2,500 for most schools, and $3,000 for HBS because of the extra time required to prepare realistic questions.
How early should I begin?
As soon as possible! To preserve the quality of our services, we accept only a small number of clients and must turn away the vast majority of applicants.

If you’re applying in a future round and want to maximize your chances by raising your GMAT score, networking with schools, identifying the right recommenders, and thinking about your story ahead of time, ask us about our Early Birds program.
I have a weakness in my profile. Can I still be admitted?
Not everyone is qualified for a top MBA program, but we’ve succeeded at Top 10 programs with applicants who had quit their jobs, had low GMAT scores, or even failed out of college, and overcame these by displaying other strengths. Contact us to explain your situation and we can advise you further.