Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing an MBA Admissions consultant, there are a lot of factors to consider, and we know you probably have a lot of questions. To help you in your research, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from applicants.

What is Your Success Rate?
How Much Does It Cost?
Do Your Consultants Have AdCom Experience Or MBA Degrees?
Do You Offer Refunds or Guarantees, Just In Case?
How Early Should I Begin?
Should I Wait to Engage a Consultant Until I Have a Test Score?

It depends!

In general, you’ll benefit more from engaging a coach now if one or more of these factors apply:

  • You have more than three months remaining until your target deadlines.
  • You have reasons to believe you’ll achieve a suitable test score. This could include a high undergraduate GPA, good scores on other exams (SAT, ACT, LSAT), or mock exam scores that are within a reasonable distance from your final target score.
  • You are using a GMAT / GRE / EA tutor or prep course and your tutor or instructor believes you will achieve your score on time.

By engaging a consultant now, you can handle tasks such as boosting your professional or extracurricular profile, networking with your target schools, or starting early on tasks that can take a long time, like figuring out your personal story.

On the other hand, we may advise you to wait before engaging a consultant if you do not have your test score and:

  • Your target deadlines are within three months or less.
  • You are not a good test taker (e.g. test anxiety, low scores on other exams or mock exams).

In those cases, waiting to get a positive sign on your test scores first, such as a good score on an official mock exam, ensures that you will get good value from your investment in admissions consulting services.

Will the Time Difference Impact the Service?

Other Questions

Do the Coaches Work as a Team?
At Menlo Coaching, we work together in the same physical office, which allows us to discuss cases on a daily basis. This means you get the benefit of having multiple experienced coaches review your materials, as well as having the security of a single, dedicated contact who knows everything about you.
Should I Apply in Round 1, 2, or 3?
Want the short answer? If you are ready to submit your best application in Round 1, you should apply then. But you can read a more detailed discussion here.
Is My GMAT Score Good Enough?
The exact score you’ll need depends on your target schools and your background, and we help our clients to find the sweet spot where they maximize the advantages they can get from their test scores without turning GMAT study into a hobby. For more about this, see Is Your GMAT Score Good Enough?