Menlo Coaching BV is based at the following address:


Menlo Coaching

Mollerusstraat 1

3743 BW Baarn

The Netherlands


VAT Number: NL856804113B01

KVK Number: 67038476


Complaints Procedure


Menlo Coaching is committed to providing the highest quality service but sometimes problems arise which result in a product or service falling short of a client’s expectation. Our aim is to deal quickly and effectively with such problems and to provide a simple way for our clients to have any complaints treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

If you are unable to resolve your complaint with your primary contact at Menlo Coaching you may make a formal complaint. All complaints are required to be made in writing. There are three reasons for this: The first is to remove any doubt or interpretation about what has been said in the complaint and the response; the second to ensure there is a record in the event that future reference is required; the third is to provide a measure of the time taken to respond.

All complaints will be handled confidentially. By submitting a complaint, you also agree to keep the details of the complaint confidential.

Emails should be addressed to both of the two Partners of Menlo Coaching:

We will send an acknowledgment within three working days that your complaint has been received. The time it takes for a reply will vary depending on the issue involved. We aim to reply as soon as possible, and always within ten working days. We keep complaints on file for five years.

If you are not satisfied with our attempts to resolve your complaint after following the above procedure, you can contact a third party mediator who has agreed to adjudicate disputes between Menlo Coaching and its clients:

Chiel van Praag

Mediation Hilversum

‘t Jagerspaadje 19

1231 KJ Loosdrecht

+31 (0) 35-20 30 000


Chiel van Praag is registered with the MFN (Mediators Federatie Nederland, i.e. the Dutch Mediation Federation) and will act as a neutral third party between you and Menlo Coaching in resolving your dispute.  The costs of mediation will be borne by Menlo Coaching.  Menlo Coaching agrees to be bound by the ruling of Chiel van Praag, and by contacting Chiel van Praag, you also agree to be bound by his ruling and you agree that there is no further right of appeal.