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Through over a dozen years teaching the GMAT and GRE, Craig has seen that the best outcomes result not only from focusing on mastery of fundamentals, but also from understanding the importance of test strategy, timing strategy, and having a systematic (and positive) approach to studying.  With this in mind, he aims to deeply understand the test skills of every student he works with, to better understand what mix of preparation will lead him or her to an ideal score.

I want an individualized program from a coach as passionate about my success as I am.

You will not find a more individualized tutor than Craig. He prides himself on treating each client as a separate project, getting to know his or her strengths, weaknesses, approach, and most importantly, the methods that help him or her improve.

A former All-Big-12 1500m runner, he knows the value of motivation and support when training for a goal, and believes that more important than the score of a tutor is his/her ability to connect with, inspire, and instill confidence in students. His favorite part of tutoring is getting a celebratory beer (or fruit smoothie, as the situation requires) when a student makes it into a top-tier school. Craig is not a math tutor, not an English tutor, but an Exam tutor: a specialist in preparing students for GMAT/GRE/ACT/SAT success with personalised attention.

I was accepted into two top 10 programs, and attribute much of this success to Craig’s incredible guidance.

– Austin, MIT Sloan Class of 2022

I want to work with someone who has been in my shoes.

Studying for exams and navigating the admissions process, while keeping up a career (and dare we say it – a life!), can be a tall order, and it wasn’t long ago that Craig was tackling the same challenges today’s applicants are.  Craig is generous at sharing his experiences working in the technology industry around the world and studying an MBA, and offering his take on issues clients face, be it balancing GMAT with other priorities or navigating MBA and post-MBA life.

I want to work with an expert, experienced at working with international clients.

Based in London, Craig serves clients from all over the world, with extensive experience working with speakers of English as a second language and the specific GMAT challenges they face.

The bottom line: If you are keen on getting into your top school, Craig is your guy.

– Ahmed (from Egypt), Wharton class of 2020

Hear from Craig’s Clients

It’s a very stressful process and so to have someone that’s not adding more stress is great. […] It sounds so silly, but it was meaningful to me to have someone that wasn’t hard on me. Instead, he was very encouraging and would say “This isn’t the score you wanted, but good for you for getting it in. It’s about the reps, it’s about the time.”

After working with Craig over a two-month period for six hours of session, I jumped to a 760, and I felt very confident throughout the test.

Gamble, Private GMAT Tutoring Client

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