Yaron Dahan

Expert Consultant & Director, BD

Yaron is a filmmaker, writer, and MBA Admissions Coach. Over his 14-year career in MBA admissions, Yaron has guided and advised hundreds of applicants in their application adventure, helping them build their strongest strategies and craft their best stories to get them accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and other top B-Schools.

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Meet Yaron

I want an experienced MBA admissions consultant who knows what works and what doesn’t.

Yaron joined the MBA admissions consulting industry almost before it was invented. He began his admissions career in 2006, and since then has worked with a wide variety of applicants from almost every background.

“I worked with Yaron on my MBA application essays. He is an extremely personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individual, who goes out of the way to ensure that your deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. He pushed me to work harder on my essays, look at things that I would normally ignore, and craft a solid strategy for my B-school essays.”

Yaron has not only coached MBA applicants, he has also done the original research to figure out what works, and has used that understanding to hire and train other MBA admissions consultants, write lengthy guides on essay writing best practices and MBA programs, and serve as second-line support for other coaches dealing with challenging MBA admissions issues.

Because Yaron is never stumped by any question about MBA admissions, no matter how obscure, his nickname is “The Professor.”

“The application process was a daunting task and Yaron was a godsend. I came to Yaron after an unsuccessful round 1 of applications — I applied to three schools, rejected with no interview invitations. After thoughtful analysis, Yaron helped me overhaul my resume and rewrite my MBA narrative. He also worked with the writers of my recommendations to get the best letters out there. I applied to eight schools with Yaron and got interviews at seven of them, resulting in three offers of admissions (including two with merit scholarships). Yaron is a master editor with over a decade of experience in MBA admissions consulting. I highly recommend him.”

I want someone who can help me tell my story in an exciting way.

We hate to break it to you, but busy admissions officers reading thousands of applications don’t always spend a lot of time on each one.

Whether or not your application is read in detail depends heavily on whether the reader finds it interesting. As Yaron says, “Make them laugh, make them cry— make them remember you.”

Yaron is the Yoda of essay, a sage in the MBA application consulting. MBA application is indeed his specialty, but his wisdom is not just limited to that particular thing.”

For some applicants, Yaron helps them to distill the lessons gained along the path to elite achievements, like the Olympic athlete and private equity investor who discussed how athletic training shaped him into the person he is today, and how he became aware of his own limits.

For other applicants, Yaron helps them to overcome perceived weaknesses by reframing them, like helping a successful re-applicant to escape from a narrative of “apologizing” for a low GPA and turn it into a compelling story of turning his life around, showing how the applicant overcame a criminal conviction, worked his way up to become the manager in a blue-collar job, got great grades in community college, transferred to a four-year school, and finally achieved conventional career success.

Yaron holds both a BA in English Language and Literature (from Binghamton University) and an MA in Comparative Literature (from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) which can undoubtedly assist in writing a great MBA application. His background in literature as well as screenwriting help to make sure that your story isn’t just a boring list of what you’ve done, but a story that the reader is dying to finish.

“Yaron had a talent for really cutting down and distilling and clarifying my writing. The first essays I wrote were actually for UC Berkeley, which has the thinnest word limit of any program that certainly I applied to, 300 words […], and he was able to take these very, very big ideas on this very, very complex sort of career vision with a lot of facets, and just distill it down and distill it down through an iterative process, it was really, really extraordinary to watch, it’s a different kind of writing from anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve done writing in a legal context, writing in a business context, creative writing, writing applications for undergrads, for law school, all sorts of things. This was a different animal, and Yaron really, really understood it, and you could see his experience shine through.”

I want a coach who tells it like it is – total honesty.

As a native New Yorker who spends a lot of time in Israel, Yaron is no stranger to giving and receiving blunt, honest feedback.

With Yaron, you can be sure that you know exactly where you stand, whether the question is about:

  • Which schools can I get into?
  • Will the admissions committee like this story?
  • Have I done enough mock interviews to perform well on the day itself?

Yaron will never let you go until you’ve done your A+, absolute best quality work.

“Yaron was just a very, very smart guy, very, very perceptive, able to unpack what it was that I was really trying to get at in my applications, able to tease out things in my career vision that, again, made me reflect on it myself, made me think about it more, made me refine it as a vision, not just for something to put in an MBA application, but as something that I really believed in and wanted to pursue.”

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