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I want a GMAT coach who “gets me.”

Nobody sits around thinking, “Boy, what I’d really like to be doing right now is studying for the GMAT.” However, Travis’s former students have gleefully reported that their tutoring sessions became the highlight of their week! With a professional background in broadcast journalism and an M.B.A. in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management, Travis knows how to make standardized tests accessible and engaging for everyone. His contagious optimism is the perfect match for even the most challenging circumstances.

I need a coach who can help me push through score plateaus and maximize my results.

Travis brings more than a dozen years of experience teaching the GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment exams, and he’s seen it all. An award-winning instructor, he has worked with hundreds of test takers across multi-student classrooms and individual tutoring. While Travis has helped students with starting GMAT scores ranging from the 200s to the 700s, his expertise lies in identifying the underlying causes for score plateaus and helping students break through them. His guiding principle is, “I teach people, not lessons.” Every insight is perfectly tailored to your individualized needs.

Hand-selected to work with VIP applicants including royal family members and professional athletes, Travis brings an unsurpassed personal touch to each tutoring session.

I understand the material, but I keep running out of time. Help!

As test takers improve their content knowledge, the exam adapts to become more difficult. As a result, they start taking more and more time to answer each question. When they notice that they’re behind on time during an exam, they tend to rush through the remaining problems and cut corners. Unfortunately, this can result in an even lower score than before! Travis’s years of experience have shown that key strategies, a predetermined testing approach, and “mental frameworks,” are the keys for advanced test takers to unlock their potential. 

With Travis by your side, get ready to blast through any obstacles to your GMAT success.

Hear from Travis’s Clients

Before working with Menlo Coaching, I was stuck in the 600’s, but after working with Menlo, I was able to score 770 on the GMAT. What I really liked about the tutoring process with Menlo—especially Travis—was that he really took an interest in getting to know me before hopping into any of the prep, and I think that’s important because he knew exactly what to say to me. He knew how I thought, so in that way he was able to craft the best sort of action plan to go after any weaknesses that I had.

Donovan, Private GMAT Tutoring Client

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