Lainie Blum Cogan

Sr. Consultant & Director

In her 14-year career as an admissions consultant, Lainie has helped hundreds of candidates from around the globe gain admission to top MBA programs. A former teacher and published author, Lainie takes great pleasure in getting to know her clients personally and helping them present their unique stories through the MBA application.

Meet Lainie

I want to work with a consultant who understands non-traditional applicants.

In addition to working with candidates in traditional fields (consulting, finance, and industry), Lainie has years of experience helping military officers, engineers, lawyers, non-profit entrepreneurs, and many other career-changers make their MBA dreams come true. She truly understands the analytical, business, and leadership skills these candidates bring and helps to highlight their added value to prospective business school cohorts.

I want to work with a consultant who can help me uncover and frame the right personal story for my candidacy.

Admissions officers want to understand how your experiences and personal values have shaped your professional life and your future goals. This reflective component of the application does not come naturally to most applicants, and crafting compelling stories in an authentic voice is one of the most difficult undertakings in MBA admissions. Lainie’s patience, open-mindedness, and curiosity will leave no stone unturned in developing a cohesive narrative that ties your application together. From brainstorming and data mining to crafting unique, effective essays, Lainie will help you discover – and present to the AdComs – what makes you, your career path, and your dreams to change the world so special.

I want to work with a consultant who will accommodate my busy schedule and manage the  process to empower me to deliver my best.

Always calm, direct, and responsive, Lainie will help you cross the finish line with maximal efficiency, minimal stress, and optimal results. You will always feel that you are her top priority.

I want to work with a consultant who can connect me to a network of former clients from all the best programs in a wide variety of professional fields.

Lainie’s personal network spans 14 years, a dozen countries of origin, every top MBA program, and a variety of professional fields. She will connect you with invaluable resources to advise your career path and strengthen your school research.

I want a consultant who can help me apply to a double-degree program.

Lainie has years of experience helping clients like you gain admission to such programs as MIT LGO, Kellogg MMM, Harvard’s MS/MBA, MBA programs that partner with the Harvard Kennedy School, and more. She can help you weigh the benefits of applying to specialized programs and to present your unique qualifications in the best possible way.

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