Jarrett Brandon Early, M.B.A.

Sr. Admissions Consultant

The author of three novels in three years, Jarrett knows how to tell a story. Whether world-building for a fictional universe or helping you craft a masterful business school essay, Jarrett feels most at home when he’s leveraging the power of narrative to connect with a reader—especially when that reader is a member of the AdCom.

Adventurous by nature, Jarrett spent the better part of a decade living and working in Thailand. As the Associate Director and head coach for one of Thailand’s leading admissions consultancies, Jarrett put his talent for storytelling to good use, helping numerous clients construct MBA applications that highlighted their international business experience. 

Since returning to America, Jarrett has further enhanced his ability to craft impactful stories, and his diverse range of experience within the business culture of the US allows him to understand clients from any professional background.  

I want to work with a consultant who knows the MBA—and my target schoolinside and out.

Jarrett has helped hundreds of young professionals land offers at the world’s top programs, including HBS, GSB, Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, Sloan, LBS, and INSEAD, among many others. 

Thanks to his direct experience with many MBA programs, Jarrett knows how to adjust his clients’ applications to address each program’s unique definition of the ideal MBA candidate. Whether guiding clients through the vastly different essays of HBS, Berkeley, and Fuqua, or preparing clients for the contrasting interview styles of Wharton, Kellogg, and LBS, Jarrett knows exactly what it takes to get into the business school of your dreams.

I want someone who understands non-traditional candidates and the challenges facing international applicants.

Despite working with many clients from the traditional backgrounds of finance, consulting, marketing, and technology, Jarrett has also worked with dozens of clients whose pre-MBA careers would be considered more uncommon. Entrepreneurs, engineers, oil & gas workers, sales professionals, farmers, music producers, athletes, and applicants from family businesses have all won admission under Jarrett’s expert guidance. Moreover, his experiences in Thailand gave Jarrett a deep understanding of MBA admissions from an international perspective and allowed him to become adept at working with non-native English speakers.

I’m looking for an experienced consultant and an experienced business professional.

As the Executive Director of a technology business incubator, Jarrett was exposed to and assisted a variety of startups across industries while collaborating with supporting global corporations. Most recently, while employed with Kenan-Flagler, Jarrett worked closely with companies like Google, Bain, Amazon, McKinsey, Dell, and PwC, learning about expected career trajectories at the firms and the specific skills and backgrounds each company looks for in a potential candidate. Armed with this insider perspective, Jarrett ensures that every client develops goals that are well-defined, ambitious, and, most importantly, realistic.

I’m afraid that my profile is “vanilla,” and I need a consultant who can help me tell my story in a way that won’t put the admissions committee to sleep.

Jarrett thinks that vanilla is a wonderful flavor; it just needs a few toppings to set it off. As a novelist, Jarrett understands that it is the smaller, often overlooked details that add depth and richness to a story. Through several engaging conversations, Jarrett will learn about a client’s life, career, and aspirations, taking note of any details or themes that will help the client’s story stand out. Having worked with numerous clients with almost identical backgrounds, Jarrett has always been able to unearth those details, usually in the form of fears, motivations, obstacles, or hidden talents, that make even the most vanilla story burst with flavor.

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