Chris Kane

Head of Test Prep & VP

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I want to work with a seasoned GMAT expert who can quickly diagnose and fix my weaknesses.

There are only a handful of GMAT instructors in the world with as much experience as Chris.  Since 2004, he has been tutoring one-on-one and teaching group courses full-time, while also creating the highest quality curriculum available for the exam.  With more than 20,000 hours of experience creating and deconstructing GMAT problems, Chris knows exactly how to prepare students to effectively attack all components of the exam.

Perhaps most importantly, this level of experience has allowed Chris to become a master diagnostician – in only a few hours working with someone, he can determine exactly what weaknesses exist and what that student needs to do to improve his or her score.

“He is an outstanding teacher who understands the nuances of the GMAT and effectively explains seemingly complicated content with ease. Chris had an astute ability to identify my weak areas and prescribed prep material that allowed me to home in on and mitigate these deficiencies. He delivers superb test preparation.”

I want to use a highly efficient and structured program to achieve my 700+ GMAT score goal.

Whether you’re in finance, consulting, tech, or another high-intensity pre-MBA job, you don’t have time to waste on your GMAT prep. Our services are built around your busy schedule. Whether you choose to join a group course with Chris or work one-on-one with him, you will get a highly structured program that is both efficient and effective.

Time is never wasted in the classroom on rote content or basic strategies that you can learn on your own. Classroom time is focused on strategies and content that lead to real improvement at the 700+ level, and the assigned homework problems are hand-picked for mastering individual content areas and the most important strategies.  The curriculum is designed for high scorers and there is absolutely no teaching to the median:  if you sign up with Chris, prepare to be challenged and held to the high standard required to score in the 700s.

“I am a military veteran on my way to Harvard Business School – Chris is the reason. After more than six months of self-study using numerous books I purchased online, I finally signed up for Chris’s online GMAT course. Initially, I was skeptical because I didn’t think online instruction would be interactive or personal enough to help me learn. After just one hour in Chris’s introductory class, my skepticism turned to complete confidence that I was in the right place.”

I want someone who is fully committed to my GMAT success.

When you take a course from Chris or sign up with him for one-on-one tutoring, you get a teacher fully committed to your success. He always goes the extra mile after a group class or tutoring session to make sure you truly understand concepts and strategies. His approach is upbeat and engaging, and he expects a high level of commitment from his students. If you want someone to hold you accountable and keep you working hard, Chris is a great choice of instructor.

“I worked with Chris for 12 weeks in the summer of 2019 on GMAT prep. From my first practice test to taking the actual GMAT exam, my score improved by 80 points. Chris has found a way to combine curriculum, engagement, and encouragement to drive positive outcomes for his clients. After scoring a 770 on the GMAT, I am proud to say that I have been accepted at Booth with a partial scholarship and will be enrolling there in the Fall of 2020.”

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Are you ready for the GMAT Focus Edition? Save 10% on our GMAT Prep Course, starting March 16.

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