Pascal Michels, M.B.A.

Sr. Consultant & Director

Pascal joined Menlo Coaching from IESE Business School, where he was the Director of MBA Admissions, and prior to that, a Career Coach for Financial Services. His previous career included roles with Citi in London, where he was actively involved in MBA recruiting, working as an EU civil servant in Brussels, and an early career in financial auditing in Paris. Pascal is passionate about helping people reach their full potential, and is currently becoming certified as an Executive Coach by Columbia University.

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Meet Pascal

I want to know what the admissions committee really wants.

Of course, it helps that Pascal served as the admissions director at the IESE business school, the #2 two-year MBA program in Europe, where he made the final decisions on thousands of individual applications.

But admissions directors don’t make decisions in isolation, and they often ask their colleagues for input— like getting a career development officer to review a candidate’s career goal, or asking an MBA student ambassador about whether a student might fit in well on campus.

Pascal has experienced EVERY perspective in the MBA world:

  • He is an MBA graduate.
  • As a VP in Citi’s private bank, Pascal was very involved in recruiting and evaluated potential MBA hires.
  • As a career development officer, he helped rebuild IESE’s banking and PE recruiter portfolios, and coached hundreds of individual students on their job searches.
  • Finally, Pascal served as IESE’s Admissions Director, leading a team of 20 and chairing the admissions and scholarship committees

Pascal’s panoramic view will help you understand how you might be seen by any of the stakeholders in the MBA admissions process.

“Pascal is an extremely effective and dedicated mentor, he has a keen understanding of people’s strengths and weaknesses, and offers practical solutions to improve on both. Pascal has been instrumental in positioning both myself and other MBA students to be successful in their post-MBA careers.”

I want a dedicated coach who is excited to coach me.

During his six years coaching IESE’s MBA students on their job searches, Pascal delivered thousands of coaching sessions. Because he enjoyed coaching so much, he coached not only the students assigned to his vertical, finance, but many students who were seeking jobs in other industries.

“Thanks to Pascal’s coaching, I was fully inspired and encouraged. Through a mix of listening deeply and asking insightful and challenging questions at the right moment, he pushed me to introspection and built my confidence over time. The impact was amazing and truly helpful.”

Pascal has also completed the Coaching Certification Program at Columbia University, which is a joint offering between Columbia Business School and Columbia Teachers College that focuses equally on the career side of coaching and the humanistic, 1:1 teaching that underpins coaching methods.

You will not find another coach who enjoys coaching as much as Pascal.

“I worked with Pascal at IESE as he coached me through the process of getting my post-MBA finance job. Throughout the whole process, from deciding what roles to apply for, submitting CVs, preparing for interviews, and questions I had during my internships, Pascal went above and beyond what would be required for his actual job title to coach me through each piece.”

I want a coach who really understands my international background.

Pascal’s experience spans the globe. He is a citizen of both France and Germany, and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Earlier in his career, he has worked in Paris (as a financial auditor), Brussels (as a public servant for the EU, dealing with issues from countries across the bloc), Prague and London (as part of Citi’s leadership development program).

While at IESE, Pascal was responsible for worldwide recruitment of MBA students, and spent time traveling to Brazil, Japan, the United States, Singapore, China, and many other locations, meeting both the students there who would apply to IESE, and the corporate managers who supervised them and sponsored their studies.

Pascal speaks four languages fluently and knows exactly what it’s like to live, work and study in a new location outside your home country.

“I feel grateful for the opportunity of having Pascal as a coach – he empowers me to make decisions by asking the right questions. I particularly appreciate how he keeps challenging me whilst making me feel more confident at the same time… ensuring momentum is kept!”

Additionally, check out our candid interview with Pascal when he was the IESE Admissions Director on How to Impress the Adcom.

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