Chris Speck

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I want a tutor who teaches me how to think on my own. 

All too often, learning is presented as a matter of memorizing content and then repeating it back. You want a different approach for the GMAT—one where you are an active participant in the learning process. Chris can help you get there. 

For the past 9 years, Chris has guided hundreds of students through the fundamentals and nuances of the GMAT, and he enjoys asking a lot of questions in order to get students to engage with the material, instead of letting them passively take in information.

I want a coach who guides me from start to finish. 

Every person comes to the GMAT with a unique background and set of goals, so Chris makes certain to design an individualized and detailed study plan for each student. From the initial meeting before the first tutoring session until the day before the exam, students receive highly structured guidance to maximize their results, adapted to their needs and their schedule. 

Whether you are just starting out with the content or are trying to get those last points to earn a 99th-percentile score, Chris will identify any sticking points that are holding you back and will teach you how to overcome them.

“I didn’t have any kind of study plan when starting out, but once I started working with Chris, I was able to focus my efforts in a more productive way. You can study a lot and make no progress. I eventually figured out that improving on the GMAT requires not just doing questions, but studying them in a systematic way.” 

I want someone who can relate – and who makes me laugh. 

Studying for the GMAT has a lot of ups and downs, and Chris understands all too well how challenging it can be to keep going—during his own study, Chris called it quits a few times.  With a change in mindset and focus, he figured out how to enjoy his preparation, ultimately earning a 99th-percentile score. 

Throughout the tutoring process, Chris will keep you motivated (and sane) by sharing his own story of struggle on the GMAT and by creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

“Chris is an incredible teacher. From his dry wit, to his deep knowledge, he was able to make studying for the GMAT fun and educational. He accommodated my complicated schedule and was able to create a study plan that worked best for me. He broke down the GMAT into manageable parts and helped me work through strategies for every type of question. Chris was patient and understanding when I struggled, but he also pushed me to dig deep and to keep studying.”

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