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"I worked with Alice throughout my application process including the interview preparation. Since our initial assessment discussion, I realized that Alice was very smart and had the right intuitions: She quickly made sense of my various previous experiences and how they would connect to each other. I am a quant person with limited writing experience myself, and Alice acted as a very helpful sounding board for my essays. Her expertise in writing allowed her give me very thoughtful feedback on the style, tone and content. I also liked the fact that I had full ownership over my essays and what I wrote on them. Finally, working with her personally made things very effective as she really got to know my personality very well. I highly recommend Alice!"
Mr. C.
Admitted to HBS and Wharton
"I actually worked with Alice the weekend before my GSB interview. My sister had worked with her on her HBS application and recommended I prepare with Alice ahead of my interview on Monday. On a late Friday afternoon, Alice got right to work even though she had not worked with me throughout the application process. She helped me stay focused on being clear, concise, and very specific. She really listened to what my desires were and helped me fine tune them to put my best foot forward at my interview. I believe I had my best interview after that because I had come to know myself best. I could not have done that without the two sessions I worked with Alice to meticulously understand what drives me and what I will uniquely bring to the GSB! I wholly recommend Alice and would give her 6 stars if I could!"
Ms. F.
Admitted to Stanford
"I worked with Alice for my HBS interview and post-interview reflection. Alice really stands out for her focused attention, extensive experience and what is more, the PERSONAL touch, compared to all other consultants I worked with (3 others, I know! It is a lot!). I spent four hours with Alice, three of which are used on three mock interviews and the last hour on post-reflection letter (I recommend others to use this multiple-session approach). During my first session, Alice focused on getting me to articulate my personal stories and pointed out my weakness: ability to explain technical things in simple terms. Alice helped me structure the ways that can help me explain and we spent the second session on career-related topics and some curve-ball questions. My last mock session with Alice was the day before my interview. (As you can imagine, I was alone, in a hotel room, feeling nervous). That last call REALLY helped soothe my nerves, brush up all things I have prepared so far and get some last minute questions answered. I look at MBA consultants as more than someone who edit my essays. In the case with Alice, she was mentor who coached me through the interview prep process, as well as a friend who gave me much-needed support and confidence for the final push."
Ms. L.
Admitted to HBS
"Alice reached out to me whilst I was still trying to decide whether to apply to business school or not. Her insightful and sincere feedback about my profile during our introductory call not only hinted at how impactful her help could be for my application, but also gave me the self confidence to finally decide in favor of applying. I then worked with her throughout the application period and she became my most trusted source not only for my essays or interview prep but also with many other small parts of this lengthy endeavor. This is because she truly tries to understand who you are and uses this insight as a center of gravity as she helps polish your application. It was a joy and great comfort to work with Alice and I would highly recommend her to all candidates who want to get admitted to their dream schools!"
Mr. T.
Admitted to Columbia and London Business School
"I have to thank Alice for helping me get into Stanford GSB. Alice is extremely patient and thoughtful in her approach to the business school application. She asked a lot of questions upfront to make sure she understood my unique experiences and helped me craft my narrative accordingly. She also read my essays and provided insightful feedback. Alice is an expert in the “classic” style of writing, which makes the tone of every essay both humble and authentic. Most importantly, Alice is an absolute pleasure to work with. She understands how stressful the process is and was always available to provide advice or encouragement. I could not recommend Alice more highly."
Ms. S.
Admitted to Stanford
"I worked with Alice from the very beginning of the process, when I was still trying to flesh out my business school story. I had previously (and unsuccessfully) applied to MBA programs, so I appreciated Alice's logical approach, insight into the process, and truly personal advice--she meaningfully improved the quality of my applications, and I would not have gotten into my schools without her. A few things that I appreciated most about working with Alice: (1) She really cared. Alice was personally very supportive throughout the process, and was always willing to listen and offer personal advice to me as I worked through school choices, essays, and interviews. (2) Her feedback was timely, specific, and spot on. Alice always responded to emails and edited essays quickly. She had a knack for homing in on exactly what the issues with my writing or applications were, and offering tactical solutions on how to fix them. (3) She has a great feel for writing. Alice clearly enjoys writing and was incredibly helpful with essay edits and revisions. Alice both pushed my thinking and was quick to suggest small tweaks to my word choices or essay flow that really enhanced the overall product. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone looking to get into business school. Thanks for all of your support!"
Mr. S.
Admitted to Wharton and Kellogg
"Alice proved to be an excellent guide and mentor in my business school application. Without hesitation, I can state that she played a major positive role in my selection at HBS. She is very prompt and responsive in communication via phone calls and emails. Could easily understand the unique complexities of my company and guide me to highlight those in my application. Most importantly, she prods you to think deeply about your essays with her constant feedbacks and revisions. Given her education and professional experiences, Alice could easily fit the role of an admissions director at any major business school, hence she is uniquely fitted to be a MBA coach."
Mr. K.
Admitted to HBS PLD
"I am a re-applicant who was dinged at most of the top 15 schools I had applied to last year (mind you I applied to most of them!). I got in touch with Alice and she was someone who was unlike anyone I had spoken to in my whole admissions process experience. I worked with her from the very beginning of my process and she helped me craft a narrative that I think captured my strengths and my experiences in the best possible way. Even though I come from a really competitive pool she helped me identify stories and experiences from my past that would make me a competitive applicant. Besides being a really good and experienced writer she also was one of the best persons to discuss your past experiences and what you wanted to achieve after an MBA, and she helped you turn them into a B school essay format in the best possible way. I really liked that she was the one I was working with throughout the process. She is someone who is very focused on the work she is doing (she doesn't relent unless you get the perfect essay!) and doesn't care at all about timekeeping unlike other consultants I have worked with. It is because of her help that I got interviewed at 6 of the 7 schools I had applied to (Kellogg, Haas, Tuck, LBS, Darden, Stern). I don't think I would have been able to do that without her support and guidance. She also helped me a lot in the whole interview process by organizing 3 mock interviews and identifying areas of weakness. I finally ended up at the school which was top of my list and I am really thrilled to join it next fall. I wholeheartedly recommend Alice to someone who wants to get into a top B school. She is the peer and mentor you are looking for. Go for her! You can't go wrong."
Mr. T.
Admitted to Haas and Darden
"I worked with Alice right from the start of the application process. After the first free trial session I knew if I worked with Menlo Coaching I would have Alice guide me through the essay writing and interview process personally. She was extremely prompt in her responses and took a very personal interest in my story, my career goals and my choice of schools. The things that stood out to me about working with Alice were: 1. She made it a point to learn about all my past experiences in detail. When I felt like I didn't have anything interesting to write/say in an essay/interview, she'd pick something (that seemed so trivial and inconsequential to me) from a conversation we had weeks ago and say: "this is the perfect story to tell". 2. While writing my essays and preparing for interviews, all my responses were MINE. Alice gave me a lot of feedback and direction (some of my essays went through 6-7 iterations!) but she left me to do the writing. 3. She managed to maintain this perfect balance between being encouraging and realistic regarding my chances. I was aiming for HBS but she ensured I made as much effort for other applications."
Ms. K.
Admitted to HBS
"For me as a non-traditional candidate, Alice was integral in helping me synthesize my background into a succinct, compelling story. During the essay writing process, she was immensely helpful both with brainstorming ideas and with perfecting revisions. Whenever I became stuck on an idea or frustrated with a passage, I knew that after a brief phone call with Alice I’d once again feel motivated and ready to continue tackling the applications. From our very first meeting it was obvious Alice was genuinely interested in my success, and I was surprised at how quickly she was able to thoroughly understand my background, aspirations, and what mattered most to me. As we progressed, I began to feel that I was speaking not with a consultant but with a friend. I’m thrilled with the results I got and couldn’t have done it without Alice. Highly, highly recommended."
Ms. W.
Admitted to Wharton and Haas
"I contacted Alice after being invited for an interview for Harvard. I realized that I wanted an interview coach to polish my interview so I could be my best. Alice proved to be much more than that. She insisted on getting to know me so she could isolate problem areas so we could better prepare. We would then work through those problems and come up with the best way to present myself. I always felt she was focusing on me and truly wanted me to succeed. Working with Alice gave me the confidence I needed to do well in the interview and get into Harvard Business School."
Mr. C.
Admitted to HBS
"Writing a great essay is as important and as difficult as getting a great GMAT score. For the latter there are many materials you can study, but for the essay the only great help I know is Alice!"
Mr. W.
Admitted to Wharton
"I started working with Alice halfway through the essay writing process and I wish that I had been introduced to her at the beginning. The process was much less stressful and more enjoyable with Alice. During our initial conversations, Alice pushed me to think about my career and why I wanted to go to business school. Despite being 8 time zones away, I was incredibly comfortable opening up to Alice and was amazed by how quickly she picked up on what mattered most to me. She helped me cut out all business jargon and tell a clear story that captured my personality. By the time I submitted my application, I was confident that the admissions committees would understand me and what I would bring to campus. I was so excited to get into the two schools I applied to and now cannot wait to start my MBA in September!"
Ms. H.
Admitted to Kellogg and London Business School
"It was my dream for a very long time to do an MBA, either at Columbia University or at INSEAD. Alice helped me to be accepted at both and to realize my dream. Before meeting Alice I had already made two unsuccessful applications to business school. I decided to ask Alice for support after a colleague of mine recommended her to me, and I could feel the difference right away. The difference? First, the results: I got admitted to both. Secondly, the essays: the reader of my essays really got to know me as a person, which was not the case before. And thirdly, the experience: I was completely relaxed during the whole process. On my previous attempts, several senior colleagues had offered their support. Concretely, that meant forwarding me their own essays, helping me to think through the storylines of my essays, and giving me high level feedback once I had finished my essays. Most of the time, they did not have enough time to help thoroughly, or were even obliged to cancel our meetings. My recommenders told me they had no time to write the recommendations by themselves, which forced me to write five recommendations by myself – not an easy thing to do, I assure you. All in all, I felt frustrated because I was not able to get my stories to a higher level, and because I had the feeling that nobody was providing me with the level of support I truly needed. With Alice, I had a personal coach watching me and supporting me from step one, all until the end. Alice started by really trying to get to know me, to understand what is different about me and to help me to get that on paper. She provided me with advice on how to prepare for the TOEFL and the GMAT, and with advice on whether to re-do one of these tests or not. Further on in the process, Alice helped me with the storylines of the essays, with approaching and influencing my recommenders, and with actually starting to write the essays. At the end, she went through each and every word of my essays and elevated my essays to a much higher level. I am proud of the result. In the process, I also got to know myself and my strengths much better. I could not have done that without the support of Alice."
Mr. R.
Admitted to Columbia Business School & INSEAD
"The support of Alice has improved my essays significantly. She uses a very personal approach and continuously balances the application as a whole. In the process there where two steps where Alice most clearly added value. First, after listening to my story and motivation she advised me how to spread the topics that are important to me over the different essay questions and how to build up each different essays. Second, during the writing itself I found her input very useful, at points where I got stuck in my own sentences, she would reduce words to make one clear point. For my first (unsuccessful) application I asked friends and MBA students to help me, and I found out that they had limited experience and references cases, while Alice has both extensive experience with top business schools and knowledge on what to write and how to write it!"
Mr. K.
Admitted to London Business School and INSEAD
"Prior to working with Alice I had used another MBA essay service, and I can say the difference was night and day. From our first phone call I could sense Alice had a passion for assisting people achieve their dreams. Throughout the process Alice provides invaluable feedback that is straightforward and direct. I find this feedback approach to be both constructive and efficient. Alice had a way of asking me the right questions about my previous experiences and then took the answers to make them applicable to what each of the essays were seeking to get out of the candidate. I can honestly say that without Alice I wouldn't have received admission to a top tier business school."
Mr. M.
Admitted to Booth
"Alice was extremely helpful throughout my MBA application process. I am really glad that I started working with her in June for round 1 applications because I really needed the motivation and confidence that she was able to provide. As a slightly older applicant with average scores, I was doubtful of my chances of acceptance to top MBA programs. Alice helped me balance the list of schools that I applied to and created an appropriate strategy for me - from essay writing to working effectively with my recommenders to interview preparation. She was very demanding with timelines and was very straightforward with me in her feedback - two things that were invaluable! She not only kept me on track and eliminated the fluff from my essays, but she also helped extract very meaningful topics for me to write about. I was amazed by the finished products and by the content of my essays. Alice helped me paint a comprehensive picture of myself within the allotted word count limits - pretty impressive. One other thing to note about Alice is that she is extremely prompt. We were three time zones away, but she would respond to emails and phone calls almost immediately. It's as if she was constantly on-call. I don't think I could've picked a more genuinely caring consultant! The Yale School of Management is an excellent fit for me and my career goals, and I am very excited to start there soon! Thank you Alice!"
Mr. R.
Admitted to Yale
"Really thanks a lot for your help during my MBA journey. Before reaching you, I talked to many consultants and most of them thought that given my low GPA and average GMAT at that time, I have no chance to get into the top schools in Europe. Some of them even didn't want to work with me as it might hurt their success rates. Although you were still honest to me that my GPA might hurt me, you tried your best to find my strengths and made sure I submit the best application to the adcom. I am glad that you are willing to take risks on me. During working with you, I found that you really care about the success of your clients and encourage them during the process. I felt disappointed and pressured when I got dinged by LBS and Cambridge. But you still believed me that I can perform well in the interview. Thanks for your encouragement!"
Mr. C.
Admitted to Oxford
"Alice has been a great help in lining up all the points I wanted to make in my essays and then seeing which aspect would fit best in each essay. She is a master with words and has fantastic story lining capabilities, knowing exactly what aspects need to be highlighted to make your essays compelling. On top of that, she was a great motivator in helping me reach my deadlines. Alice was an important driver getting me into INSEAD which was the best year of my life so far!"
Ms. R.
Admitted to INSEAD
"I met Alice for the first free session after I came to know about her through a work event. I am very happy with my decision to work with Alice for my application. First off, Alice set some realistic expectations. She provided her expert assessment on my chances for getting into the schools I was considering. This was a tremendous help in itself as it saved me a lot of time. When I had finalized the schools I was applying to, Alice helped me organize my work for each of the essays. Alice kept track of my progress on these tasks on a weekly basis so that I didn’t have to scramble closer to the application deadline. The biggest help was the way she broke down the seemingly complex tasks for each essay into smaller projects. Alice also gave me critical advice on the content of the essays and how to make them more readable. She also provided critical input that helped me with my admission interview. Finally, Alice keeps your application honest, there are no false facts on the application but, she does ensure that you as a candidate are presented in the best possible light. This is not easy and requires individual attention to each applicant. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone looking to get into the top business schools."
Mr. R.
Admitted to Haas
"I found Alice after I already started my application. I wish I could work with Alice at an even earlier stage of my application. I am an older applicant who needs a breakthrough in my career development. Alice was great not only on coaching me through the whole process of my MBA application, including essay writing, recommendation letters, and interview preparation, but also on helping me strategically align each step of the application with my career development at work. Her suggestion on how to approach the next step of my career development helped me secure a promotion at work. I truly feel that the coaching from Alice went way beyond just MBA application. During the whole process, I felt Alice is not only a consultant, but also my good friend. She understood my strengths and weakness and she was always there for me when I needed her advice. I would like to have Alice as my consultant for my future career developments!"
Ms. Z.
Admitted to Ross
"Alice was spectacular in helping me develop my MBA essays for the application. She was almost as excited as I was during the process, and motivated me throughout the process. As a candidate with a very unconventional background, I had millions of ideas to share with the committee, but not enough space of course. I was also hesitant to carry some of my challenges and past experience as I thought they might be perceived as negative. However, Alice helped me consider deeply on my career development strategy and future plans, face my strengths and needs, helped collect all into a set of concise and very effective essays. Working with Menlo Coaching not only helped me prepare my application, but it was also a great learning experience in academic writing."
Mr. D.
Admitted to Kenan-Flagler
"I very much enjoyed working with Alice over a few months to perfect my application for the INSEAD MBA. She supported me in finessing my essays by being a constructively critical, thoughtful and eloquent reader. Alice really made me think about my "story" and almost sent me on a journey of self-discovery of my strengths, weaknesses and career goals. The difference between my first version of the essays and the last is immense, and Alice tirelessly kept me from being content with what would have been a more mediocre version of the end result. She also coached me for the interviews, for which I eventually felt very confident and more than well-prepared. An anxious wait later, the good news finally arrived: Admitted! I will be starting at INSEAD's Singapore campus later this year! Thank you Alice for all your support, I can't recommend working with you enough!"
Ms. H.
Admitted to INSEAD
"Working with Alice was the best decision I made during the admissions process. She is extremely knowledgeable, analytical and organized. I was surprised how quickly she was able to understand my background, goals and strengths and help me create my unique story. She is really amazing at visualizing the big picture and how the different components fit in. She helped me meticulously plan the entire admissions process; beginning with the campus visits for information session and attending a class, to the interview and recommendations and finally tied up everything together in the essays. The admissions committee at the three top schools I applied to knew me before I even turned in my application. They asked me when was I going to turn in my application! Her advice was invaluable for me to recover when I hit into a major roadblock during the interview and the recommendation stages. I really enjoyed working with Alice. Highly recommended!"
Mr. A.
Admitted to Kellogg EMBA
"Alice immediately impressed me with her empathy, and I chose to work with her as she was genuinely interested in not only my successful MBA application, but in my personal success. She went out of her way to help analyze me some non-MBA alternatives (an internal promotion, lateral moves to different industries, postponing application for a year, etc.) at no cost to me. Alice was very generous with her time and we would often have extended conversations that were billed for shorter amounts of time. Prior to working with Alice, I took advantage of several free 30-minute consultations with other admission consultants. One thing that really struck me was how little other consultants cared about my personal story. After these consultations, I couldn't imagine how they could possibly help me express my story when they really did not understand where I was coming from. Because of her genuine personal interest in her clients' success, Alice is able to help them to better tell their own story. I truly believe that all of the essays I ended up with were 100% my own words, just with Alice's exceptional guidance to help me express what I already thought, but could not accurately communicate myself. The MBA application process was certainly a period of heavy introspection and personal growth for me. My time working with Alice not only helped me reach my MBA goals, but really developed my ability to communicate my thoughts in a more structured and effective manner. Alice's help throughout my application was absolutely invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in admissions consulting."
Mr. S.
Admitted to Darden
"Alice dramatically improved the quality of my applications. Her experience helped me throughout the process with things like properly preparing my references, creating a coherent message throughout the application, forming and executing and effective strategy in the essays, and producing a finely polished end product for the admissions committee. Unlike many admissions consultants that I spoke with, Alice was very down to earth and easy to work with. Some creativity was required in my applications since I come from a relatively unconventional background and Alice came through with flying colors. Finally, essay writing and editing is clearly something that Alice is passionate about, and her enthusiasm will inevitably add extra value to any of her clients' applications (and certainly did to mine)."
Mr. B.
Admitted to Tepper
"Alice is smart, honest, and simply brilliant at what she does. The best part about working with her is that you feel like you are working with a family member who takes a highly personalized approach to your application and really cares about your success, rather than a stranger far far away. She has a Ph.D. from Cambridge and was a Stanford lecturer, and her experience with MBA applications is obvious and extremely helpful when you’re working with her. I involved her early on in my application process, and her guidance through the entire process, including my resume, essays, and mock interviews, was worth much more than the price. She does not hold back on constructive feedback and stopped me from making simple but critical mistakes in the application process. She constantly brainstormed different ideas that turned my essays into truly compelling stories, all the while maintaining the originality of my perspective."
Mr. K.
Admitted to Mannheim
"Alice has been an invaluable help in preparing my MBA application. She manages to add value at every stage of the writing process. She takes the time to discuss what you believe defines you and makes you stand out as a candidate, provides excellent feedback on drafts, and is great in helping you polish the sentences so your essays really shine. I have been admitted for my MBA, but even if I hadn't, working on my application with Alice had already given me so much more insight in my goals and what drives me, that it was time very well spent."
Mr. M.
Admitted to INSEAD
"Because of my lower GMAT score, I strongly believe the support and coaching of Alice during my essay process made a major difference and got me into INSEAD. Through Alice's experience in business and sharp mindset she was able to push me in a constructive manner to really come to the point of my story and "say it as it is." Moreover she is an incredible wordsmith and was able to perfect and tailor my storyline to the high standards required. Finally, she was a great motivator and nice person to work with. I strongly recommend to get in touch with Alice early in your application process to make it a success."
Mr. V.
Admitted to INSEAD
"Working together with Menlo Coaching has really helped me to strengthen my MBA application. Their experience with top MBA programs and expertise guided me through the entire process. They helped me to structure and improve my application. The coaching especially proved valuable while defining the main storyline of my essays, emphasizing my key distinctive points. Overall, their personal and dedicated support guided me pleasantly through my application process and enabled me to successfully apply."
Mr. L.
Admitted to INSEAD

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Alice has coached MBA applicants since 2007 and is proud of her clients’ successes. Her background as a former Bain Consultant and Stanford lecturer puts her in a unique position to understand her clients’ career paths and coach them through their applications.
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How we help

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