Mike Butville, M.B.A.


I want a coach who makes the most of my limited time.

Mike studied Engineering at M.I.T., and was a Nuclear Engineer in the U.S. Navy. He brings a methodical, efficiency-focused mindset to each tutoring engagement. Mike knows how important it is to maximize your valuable time, since he successfully got into Harvard Business School while still in the Navy. (But he also has a great sense of humor and makes each session engaging – and he may even throw in an occasional Simpsons quote or 90’s movie reference.)

He focuses on not only identifying strengths and weaknesses, but also which skills will yield the most “ROI” for score improvement, and which drills or problem assignments are most efficient to strengthen those areas. 

I want a coach who loves coaching!

Mike started tutoring because he loves the coaching aspect. He was a three-sport athlete in college and had several really great coaches, and each helped him develop his own coaching style. Teaching the material and strategy is important, but he knows GMAT prep and the admissions process can be emotionally taxing. Encouragement, perspective, advice, planning, cajoling, time management… whatever support will help you reach your target score! Mike really enjoys the one-on-one aspect of engagements, and finds there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing his students’ hard work pay off with a great score and admission to their dream school. 

I want a coach who brings a tailored individual approach

Mike’s worked with students from every background – consulting, finance, public sector, military, even NFL players. He recognizes that everyone learns and thinks differently, and he loves giving multiple solution approaches to give you more “tools in your toolbox.” He loves to teach for understanding rather than memorization – if you know why different math formulas work, you’re much more likely to remember them! 

Hear from Mike’s Clients

I felt like I was learning. Even in those early two-hour videos, I felt like I was still getting a lot out of them. You get that solid foundation, through the units, with the online portion. And then, you have that support tailored to you with your tutor like I had with Mike… Mike was great. I highly recommend Mike!

Kathleen, Private GMAT Tutoring Client

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