Dave Keder

GMAT Tutor

With over a decade of academic and test prep tutoring along with university-level teaching expertise, Dave has a long track record of helping students reach their academic and testing milestones.  He embraces a true coaching philosophy, leading his students through a proven and structured curriculum while encouraging them to develop their own test-taking approach along the way.

I want to learn quant from an expert.

As a Ph.D. candidate in Physics and a winner of numerous academic awards, Dave is well-versed in all things quant-related.  Solving GMAT quant questions under test conditions, however, is a different beast altogether from pure math problem-solving. That’s why many of the GMAT quant solutions floating around the internet look good but simply aren’t practical.  In coaching his students, Dave’s biggest strength lies in his ability to condense intuition developed from years of solving difficult math problems into accessible and actionable methods that work in the test environment. And although his academic background is math-heavy, Dave holds a perfect 90/90 verbal reasoning score on the new GMAT Focus and enjoys helping students break through score barriers in both the Verbal and Data Insights sections.  

I want a GMAT coach that works as hard as I do.

Quality instruction may have the appearance of being effortless but it’s anything but.  Developing lessons tailored to each student’s learning style and abilities takes real time and effort. Dave aims to make each of his students feel like they’re his only client, and he demands the same work ethic from his students in return. That being said, he brings a laid-back attitude and relaxed demeanor to his coaching sessions…you’ll have fun and enjoy yourself while working hard to break through your plateaus toward your score goal.

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