The Georgetown McDonough MBA Program: An Overview

Georgetown University’s McDonough MBA program takes global experience to another level due to its prime location in Washington DC. Not only will you be among a culturally diverse population, you will also gain exposure to other cultures through the program’s strong ties with the diplomatic community. Through Georgetown’s Embassy Series, internationally-oriented events often take place at one of the many Embassies in the city.

One of the other perks of attending Georgetown is that you will get to enjoy its beautiful campus during the two years of the program. We often hear people rave about the majestic sight of Healy Hall as they first set foot on campus. The campus on the hilltop also overlooks the Potomac River, and you can enjoy the view at the school’s library in one of the few rooms reserved specially for graduate students.

Georgetown McDonough MBA Class Profile

Acceptance Rate57%
Class Size 247
GMAT Average 691
GMAT Minimum 650
GMAT Maximum 720
GPA Average 3.34
Average Age 29
Avg. Years Work Experience 5.0 years
Diversity Women 32%
Diversity Intl. 28%
Pre-MBA Industries Financial Services: 20.6%
Teach & New Media: 8.5%
Govt.: 7.3%
Consulting: 6.9%
Non-Profit & Social Impact: 5.3%
Undergraduate Majors Business/Economics: 39%
Computer Science/Engineering/Math & Physical Science: 35%
Humanities/Gov/Intl Studies: 19%
Other: 4%

The data above is from 2020 and represents the Georgetown McDonough class of 2022.* (Note: Average Age and Work Experience is sourced from P&Q.)
See the full report: Georgetown McDonough MBA Class Profile

Student Experiences

Georgetown McDonough MBA Employment Report & Careers

Salary Average$162,869.00
Offers At 3 Mos. 93%
Post-MBA Industries Consulting: 32%
Financial Services: 24%
Technology: 19%
Social Impact/Nonprofit: 6%
Real Estate: 6%
Manufacturing/Transportation/Energy: 5%
Consumer Goods: 4%
Health Care: 3%
Government: 1%
Post-MBA Locations Does not disclose
Post-MBA Companies

Does not disclose

Career Development Resources

Georgetown McDonough Career Center

The data above is from 2021 and represents the career statistics of the Georgetown McDonough class of 2020.* (Note: Salary Average is a total of Salary + Signing Bonus.)
See the full report: Georgetown McDonough MBA Employment Report

Georgetown McDonough MBA Academic Programs

MBA Curriculum

Georgetown McDonough’s curriculum is distributed over the fall and spring semesters of years one and two of the MBA. Before beginning their first fall semester, students complete an opening term, where they take three courses: Leading Teams for Performance and Impact, Structure of Global Industries, and Accounting Fundamentals. Students are required to take 16 courses as part of the core curriculum, including classes in Managerial Statistics, Firm Analysis and Strategy, Analytical Problem Solving, and Ethical Leadership. At Georgetown, the elective curriculum provides students with over 70 course offerings to choose from. Some of these classes cover topics in Negotiations, Applied Data Visualization, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Pricing, and Game Theory.

See a list of course offerings: Georgetown MBA Courses


Georgetown McDonough’s MBA program does not require its students to declare a major or concentration; however, students may decide to pursue an academic area to help them shape their selection of elective coursework. Georgetown offers a total of six fields that students may choose to explore. 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy

Experiential Learning Programs

Through Georgetown McDonough’s experiential learning program, students can choose from several ways to gain practical experience during their MBA. For instance, students can underwrite real estate investments as part of the Real Estate Clinic. Additionally, students can complete an apprenticeship at a Venture Capital or Private Equity Firm through the Venture Fellows Program.

Research Centers

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business hosts nine research centers and initiatives, including the Center for Business and Public Policy, the Women’s Leadership Institute, and the Global Business Initiative

MBA International Study Programs

Georgetown McDonough’s MBA has a deep emphasis on the global component of the program. The school maintains a strong relationship with the embassies in DC, and regularly hosts events in collaboration through the Embassy Series. Students also have the opportunity to consult for a global company abroad as part of the Global Business Experience’s International Consulting Projects

Video Resources on Georgetown McDonough Academics

Georgetown McDonough MBA Application

The latest application requirements set by the Georgetown McDonough MBA admissions office are described below.


Here are the prompts for Georgetown McDonough 2020-2021 application:

  • Please select one of the following three essays to complete in 500 words or less:
  • Essay Option 1: Outside your comfort zone. It can be said that life begins outside your comfort zone. Describe a situation when you were asked to lead outside of your comfort zone. What leadership characteristics did you exemplify in this situation that allowed you to succeed?
  • Essay Option 2: Failure to success. “Failure is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to be POWERED by. Failure is the high-octane fuel your life can run on. You’ve got to learn to make failure your fuel.” -Abby Wambach. Describe a situation when failure has been your fuel. What was your failure (or when did you not succeed to your full potential), and how did you use this as motivation to move forward and be successful in a future situation?
  • Essay Option 3: Personal brand. Think of business leader or role model you admire or aspire to be. What are the defining characteristics of their personal brand that you see in yourself, why would you highlight those qualities, and how will those characteristics enrich the community at McDonough?
  • Video Essay: Please introduce yourself to your future Georgetown MBA cohort in a 1-minute video.
  • Optional Essay: You may use this essay to provide any additional information that you have not otherwise included in your application. (500 words or less)

Letters of Recommendation 

The 2020-2021 Georgetown McDonough recommender questions are as follows:

  • Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (50 words or less)
  • How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples. (E.g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (250 words or less)
  • Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (250 words or less)
  • Is there anything else we should know? (Optional) (no word limit)

Video Resources on Georgetown McDonough Admissions

Georgetown McDonough MBA Admissions Interviews

Georgetown McDonough’s MBA interviews are offered by invitation only. Former interviewees report that the interviewers only have access to the applicant’s resumes, and not the entire application package. They also report that several of the questions asked in the interview are behavioral questions or those related to your career goals.

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What Makes Georgetown McDonough Unique?

  • Only-in-DC Experiences: When at Georgetown, “global” takes on a whole new meaning with the city’s and the university’s relationships with the embassies. Moreover, students have access to DC’s lively and growing entrepreneurial hub.
  • Venture Fellows Program: Through the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, this program offers students a year-long opportunity at a local Venture Capital firm in place of a summer internship.
  • Global Business Experience (GBE): Each MBA student is required to complete a Global Business Experience, where students spend months consulting an international company. During the spring semester, one week of this experience is completed abroad.

*All data retrieved from the Georgetown McDonough MBA Program webpages, unless otherwise stated.