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Comprehensive service.

We help with school selection, essays, recommenders, interviews and more.


No up-front commitment.

You decide how many hours you want; we’ll refund any unused time promptly.


Multi-school discounts.

After 10 hours, we automatically apply a 10% discount.


Quick turnaround.

In most cases, we’ll reply to you within one day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your success rate?

The vast majority of our clients are admitted to one of their target schools. We help applicants to select schools that are in line with their qualifications and don’t hesitate to recommend against particular schools (or even against an MBA). Having said that, we’re also happy to help you apply to a stretch school so long as you understand the odds.

Which parts of the application do you help with?

We can help you with all parts of the application: school selection, resume, essays, recommenders, and interviews. We can even help you with the short questions on the application form!

Who will I work with?

100% of your contact will be with our partners, Alice and David. You select the partner you prefer to lead your application (while still benefiting from both partners’ knowledge and experience). We employ copy editors as part of helping you to write the best essays, but we manage that process for you and take responsibility for their work.

How many hours does it take per school?

An average client requires 10 hours for the first school, 6 hours for the second school, and a few hours for each subsequent school, plus 2 hours for interview preparation. This can vary depending on your natural ability as a writer, the length of time remaining until submission (earlier is better!) and your diligence in following up on my comments.

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