What is the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management?

Here at Menlo Coaching we’re fans of promoting the tools and organizations that can give you the edge when applying to a top MBA program. In this article, we’ll discuss The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a nonprofit that helps to promote the representation of underrepresented minorities in US business schools and business more broadly. 

Last year, we spoke to a Consortium member, and here is what she had to say about the organization and applying to business school with their support:

The Consortium and Pre-MBA Applicants

CGSM provides members with benefits before they have applied for an MBA and can help with the application process in a few key ways. 

Consortium Membership During the MBA

In addition to the head start you can receive after attending CGSM’s Orientation Program, the Consortium offers current MBA students a chance to build a community within their MBA cohort that is committed to the common interests and values of its members with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The Consortium holds students accountable to those values by giving them training in the equity efforts of various companies and organizations so that they can be good allies and resources to up and coming members after their own MBA is finished.

There are not many formal requirements for current MBA students aside from the expectation that you remain committed to the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Many Consortium MBAs go on to take leadership roles at affinity groups for underrepresented minorities. Alex (Berkeley Haas ‘19), the Consortium member in the video above, reports that her school’s Race Inclusion Initiative was a prime spot for CGSM MBAs to help give back to their community and make the pathway to success easier for the next generation of underrepresented people in business. 

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