A Complete Guide to the Kansas State University’s Online MBA Program

The Professional Online MBA from the Kansas State University gives you the managerial skills and business knowledge you need to succeed in today’s global business world. The program’s main focus is on what you need to know to run a business. The program aims to improve your entrepreneurship abilities so that you can leave with an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to management and problem-solving in any firm, big or small.

Kansas State University Professional Online MBA Data

EnrollmentDoes not disclose
Acceptance Rate87%
Total Tuition and Fees$30,000
Average GPA3.5
Average GMAT540
Average GREDoes not disclose
Average AgeDoes not disclose
Average Work Experience6.5 years
DiversityDoes not disclose
The data above represents the KSU Professional Online MBA class.
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How to Get into Kansas State’s Online MBA?

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What is the Kansas State University’s Professional Online MBA Program?

The Kansas State University Professional MBA online is a 36-credit program, although experienced business students can graduate with as few as 30 credits. Courses last around 8 weeks and are divided into core courses and electives. Core courses include Foundations of Accounting, Economic Analysis for Business, and Foundations of Finance, and electives include Foundations of Leadership and Business Project management. Prior to entering the program, students must have completed several undergraduate economics, statistics, and business courses. New students are required to attend a two-day in-person student orientation, which includes networking opportunities and team building exercises.

Why choose an online program over an in-person MBA?

There are many advantages to pursuing an online MBA program, and it is important to do whatever is best for your life and your schedule. Online programs can be cheaper, since there’s no housing cost added to the tuition, which may be a factor in your decision. If you’re unable to step away from a full-time position, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, then an in-person degree might not be an option for you. In that case, an online program could be the way to go! Online MBAs are just as valid and “worth the money” as in-person programs are. Continue reading for more information.

Do the full-time and online MBA degrees have a similar curriculum?

Yes! The online courses are taught by the same in-person faculty, so you can expect the same rigor and excellence as the full-time degree.

Admission Requirements

General Requirements Personal Info, Resume, Transcripts,
Letter of Recommendations, English Proficiency (if applicable)
ApplyKansas State University Professional MBA Application
Application Fee$65
Admissions EssayWrite a one-page statement of objectives
GMAT/GREGMAT or GRE required with exceptions
InterviewDoes not disclose

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Class Format

KSU uses Canvas to provide assignments, quizzes, grades, and discussion board to their students. Depending on the professor and the course, they may also use Blackboard Collaborate or Adobe Connect. All of the coursework is online, however, to be accessed whenever students are available to complete it. Professors also offer virtual office hours, and online meetings can be made with career counselors, the writing center, and academic counselors. Lectures are recorded to be watched on the student’s own time, but if there is a synchronous class, students are strongly encouraged to attend those so they can interact live with the professor and their peers.

Flexibility for Working Professionals

You can absolutely work a full-time job and attain your online MBA degree! The program is structured so that it can be worked into an already busy schedule. Assignments and lectures are available 24/7, so students are able to access those when they are available to do so. 

What else does this program require of its students?

As with any program, you must prepare before class and stay up to date with assignments and readings. There are also two other required components: a faculty-led international trip and a Professional Development and Learning seminar.

Career Support

Online students have access to the same resources that in-person students do: cover letter and resume writing help, career counselors, and a network of alumni willing to help out.