A Complete Guide to the Ball State University’s Miller College of Business MBA

The Miller College of Business at Ball State University offers a fully in-person, fully online, and a blend of both for their MBA degree. Faculty strive to provide each student with the individualized attention required for them to succeed both in the program and in their career beyond.

Miller Online MBA Data

Acceptance Rate98%
Total Tuition and Fees$25,440
Average GPA3.4
Average GMAT577
Average GREDoes not disclose
Average AgeDoes not disclose
Average Work Experience6 years
DiversityDoes not disclose
The data above represents the Miller’s Online MBA class.
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How to Get into Ball State’s Online MBA?

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What is the Ball State Miller Online MBA Program?

The Online MBA can be customized in eight different concentrations: Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Construction Management, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Health Economics Policy and Administration, Information Technology Leadership, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Regardless of whether you choose to pursue a concentration, you must complete 24 credits of core courses and 6-9 credits of MBA electives. These electives cover business analytics, healthcare, finance, leadership, and more. Generally, students complete the program in two years. There is no residency requirement, so you can complete your degree completely online.

Why choose an online program over an in-person MBA?

There is a number of advantages to Online MBA programs. Online programs can be cheaper, since there’s no housing cost added to the tuition, which may be a factor in your decision. If you’re unable to step away from a full-time position, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, then an in-person degree might not be an option for you. In that case, an online program is probably the way to go! Online MBAs are just as valid and “worth the money” as in-person programs are. Continue reading for more information.

Do the full-time and online MBA degrees have a similar curriculum?

Yes! The online MBA is taught by the same faculty who teach in-person students. The quality of the coursework is the same and requires the very same dedication from online students that the in-person degree demands.

Admission Requirements

General Requirements Personal Info, Resume, Transcripts,
Letter of Recommendations, English Proficiency (if applicable)
ApplyBall State University (Miller) Online MBA Application
Application Fee$60
Admissions EssayDoes not disclose
GMAT/GREGMAT or GRE required with exceptions
InterviewDoes not disclose

See the full details here: Miller’s Online MBA Admissions

Class Format

The majority of courses are synchronous and live; recordings of the lectures are posted later on for students to watch if necessary. The coursework that goes along with these courses, however, can be completed on the student’s schedule. Other courses are offered asynchronously, again with assignments that can be completed when the student is available to do so. Within all courses, instructors and students are kept in touch through chats, discussion boards, e-mail, and phone calls.

Flexibility for Working Professionals

It’s absolutely possible to pursue your MBA degree and keep your full-time position! Because most of the content is asynchronous, students complete the coursework when their job schedule allows them to do so.

Career support

Ball State University’s Online MBA students have access to the same career services as their in-person counterparts, including career coaching, interview assistance, and jobs fairs and internships.

What else does this program require of its students?

As with any other program, students are required to stay up-to-date on their readings and assignments. Live attendance is preferred for the synchronous lectures, but it’s not totally necessary since they’re recorded and available later on. Nonetheless, you should make it a priority to attend these lectures live.