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Cornell Johnson’s Executive MBA programs offer unique, flexible degrees that allow students to continue working full-time while earning their degree. Cornell’s Ivy League status appeals to motivated working professionals who strive for increased leadership without wanting to interrupt their careers completely. The Cornell Johnson EMBA prioritizes global engagement, academic focus, teamwork, and diversity in the classroom. Cornell is particularly distinguished for its adeptness in remote teaching: a byproduct of their unique campus offerings.

Further, Cornell offers more options than any other EMBA program. Appealing to working professionals from many backgrounds, Cornell’s three main EMBA programs are EMBA Americas, EMBA Metro New York, and EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership.

The EMBA Americas program connects students based in 20 different locations across the Americas, using distance learning to encourage peer engagement. The EMBA Metro NY, based exclusively in New York City, gives students the chance to become part of a diverse community while building their analytical skills and increasing their overall potential in the business world. Finally, the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership, the only industry-immersive EMBA program of its kind, teaches students how about the healthcare industry and encourages them to drive innovation. 

Cornell Johnson EMBA Class Profile

Cornell Johnson EMBA Americas

Class Size (enrolled)146
Age/ExperienceAverage Age: 38 years
Average Work Experience: 14 years
DiversityWomen: 32%
International: 47%
Pre-MBA Median Salary and BonusDoes not disclose
Advanced Degrees40%
Pre-EMBA IndustriesTechnology/Engineering: 19%
Financial Services: 16%
Government/Public Sector/Military: 11%
Manufacturing: 9%
Healthcare: 9%
Consulting: 8%
Consumer Products/Retail: 6%
Education: 6%
Energy/Utilities: 4%
Entertainment: 3%
Real Estate/Development: 3%
Transportation/Logistics: 3%
Other: 3%
Pre-EMBA LocationOntario: 18%
New York: 16%
California: 11%
Texas: 11%
Mexico : 10%
Washington, DC: 8%
New England: 5%
Alberta: 3%
British Columbia: 3%
South America: 3%
Other: 12%

Explore the full class profile here: Cornell Johnson EMBA Americas Class of 2024 Profile

Cornell Johnson EMBA Metro NY

Class Size (enrolled)70-75
Age/ExperienceAverage Age: 36 years
Average Work Experience: 13 years
DiversityWomen: 42%
International: 26%
Pre-MBA Median Salary and BonusDoes not disclose
Advanced Degrees30%
Pre-EMBA IndustriesFinancial Services: 32%
Technology: 13%
Consulting: 11%
Retail/Manufacturing/Consumer Goods: 11%
Education/Government/NonProfit: 11%
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: 4%
Media and Entertainment: 4%
Real Estate: 1%
Other: 14%

Explore the full class profile here: Cornell Johnson EMBA Metro NY Class of 2024 Profile

Cornell Johnson EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

Class Size (enrolled)55-60
Age/ExperienceAverage Age: 38 years
Average Work Experience: 13 years
DiversityWomen: 49%
Pre-MBA Median Salary and BonusDoes not disclose
Advanced Degrees47%
Pre-EMBA IndustriesAcademic Hospital: 37%
Pharmaceuticals: 15%
Community Hospital or Health Center: 9%
Insurance: 2%
Other: 37%

Explore the full class profile here: EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership Class of 2024 Profile

Cornell Johnson EMBA Student Experiences

The Cornell Johnson Executive MBA

Cornell Johnson offers different EMBA programs, including Executive MBA Americas, Executive MBA Metro NY, and Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership. The Cornell Johnson EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program is the only of its kind within the Ivy League. This is a major selling point for clinicians and non-clinicians alike who seek a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, Johnson partners with the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University to offer the Cornell-Tsinghua Finance MBA program for bilingual students living primarily in China. 

Choosing which program is right for you depends on both personal limitations, like preference for remote or in-person learning, and professional goals and experiences. 

Cornell Johnson EMBA Class Format

Cornell Johnson’s EMBA classes are held on alternating weekends, with four week-long residential sessions in varying locations. Classes at Cornell are designed to expand students’ professional networks and develop their global perspectives. More immersive experiences are offered within the programs in addition to the classes and residential sessions. Specifically, the EMBA Americas program gives students the opportunity to travel internationally while working on a Global Business Project.

The EMBA Americas program allows students to study remotely or at one of 20 US locations for the duration of the 17-month program. In contrast, the EMBA Metro NY program and the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership are in-person programs based in New York, each lasting a total of 22 months. 

Logistics for a Non-Traditional MBA Program

Rather than pressing pause on a lucrative career, each EMBA program at Cornell is formatted to accommodate a full-time work schedule. For each program, classes are held every other Saturday and Sunday, allowing business professionals to continue working within a regular Monday through Friday schedule. 

Cornell Johnson EMBA Curriculum

Each of Cornell’s EMBA programs has a distinct curriculum, catering to students with diverse experiences and goals. Both the EMBA Americas and Metro NY programs primarily focus on general management, while the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership zones in on new business ventures and innovation

Cornell’s EMBA programs include projects and course electives in addition to the required courses. The EMBA Americas program and the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program include a capstone project while the EMBA Metro NY program incorporates a complex new venture project and pitch event. Curriculums are designed to round out students’ skill sets and help them cultivate analytical skills in addition to learning more about general management. 

Video Resources on Cornell Johnson Academics

Cornell Johnson EMBA Application

Before submitting a formal application, Cornell Johnson encourages prospective students to submit a pre-assessment. This allows the candidate to receive preliminary feedback on their potential application. 

Cornell Johnson EMBA Essays

The purpose of Cornell Johnson’s Executive MBA admissions essays is to help the admissions committee understand the background of the candidate and why they might be a good fit for the program to which they are applying. Each program requires students to submit three short essays. 

Cornell Johnson EMBA Essays

  • Personal Statement: In a concise statement, tell us why you are seeking an MBA. Specifically, what are your short- and long-term career goals? And, how will an MBA earned through an executive MBA program at Cornell University help you achieve your goals? (~400 words)
  • Leadership Experience: Describe your first experience as a leader in a professional setting and your current leadership role. Explain how your first experience in a leadership position influenced your style and how you act as a leader today. (~400 words)
  • Optional Essay: What else would you like us to know? Please use this statement to address potential concerns such as gaps in employment or prior academic difficulties. You can also use this statement to highlight any achievements or significant life events that are not included elsewhere in the application. (~250 words)

For more guidance, take a look at our MBA Essay Tips, where we look at the most common MBA essays and discuss how to answer them effectively.

Cornell Johnson EMBA Interview

After submitting their applications, select candidates are chosen to schedule an interview. All EMBA programs at Cornell Johnson require an interview for admission. These interviews may take place in person or via video conference. 

Video Resources on Cornell Johnson EMBA Admissions

Why Cornell Johnson?

Attending an EMBA program at Cornell Johnson exposes students to a wide array of perspectives due to the international class and team-based learning methods. Cornell prizes networking opportunities, academic excellence, and diversity, giving students the skills needed to rise to new levels of leadership in their desired fields. 

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