A Complete Guide to the Florida State University Online MBA Program

The Online MBA program at Florida State University is both affordable and flexible, making it suitable for mobile military personnel and business executives. The program is completed in seven semesters and lessons learned can be applied immediately at work. Students pay the same price for courses, plus applicable fees, regardless of location. The FSU online MBA can be customized to fit with your desired business expertise.

Florida State University Online MBA Data

Acceptance Rate78%
Total Tuition and Fees$31,599
Average GPA3.4
Average GMAT550
Average GREDoes not disclose
Average AgeDoes not disclose
Average Work Experience7.2 years
DiversityFemale: 50%
The data above represents the Florida State University’s Online MBA class.
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How to Get into Florida State’s Online MBA?

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What is the Florida State University’s Part-Time Online MBA Program?

In this program, students will complete 39 credit hours over the course of seven semesters. The core curriculum comprises 27 credit hours, including Operations Management (3 hrs), Business Conditions Analysis (3 hrs), Strategy and Business Policy (3 hrs). There are also several electives to choose from, such as Marketing, Real Estate, and Risk Management and Insurance.

Why choose an online program over an in-person MBA?

The short answer: whatever is best for your life and your schedule. Online programs can be cheaper, since there’s no housing cost added to the tuition, which may be a factor in your decision. If you’re unable to step away from a full-time position, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, then an in-person degree might not be an option for you. In that case, an online program could be the way to go! Online MBAs are just as valid and “worth the money” as in-person programs are. Continue reading for more information.

Do the full-time and online MBA degrees have a similar curriculum?

Yes! The faculty who teach the online courses are respected, educated faculty who also teach the in-person students. 

Admission Requirements

General Requirements Personal Info, Resume, Transcripts,
Letter of Recommendations, English Proficiency (if applicable)
ApplyFlorida State University Online MBA Application
Application Fee$30
Admissions EssayDoes not disclose
GMAT/GREGMAT or GRE required with exceptions
InterviewDoes not disclose

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Class Format

The Florida State Online MBA program is completely flexible and is thus ideal for the likes of mobile military personnel and business executives on the go. no campus visit is required. While many other top online programs expect students to meet up at least occasionally for seminars or networking events, FSU provides a fully online graduate education with no in-person requirements. All classes are also asynchronous, so students can watch lectures in their own time.

Flexibility for Working Professionals

The program is flexible for people with full-time jobs – assignments and other coursework can be completed when students have time in their schedule. 

What else does this program require of its students?

As with any program, you must complete your assignments and readings. The online MBA format allows you to complete your degree two classes at a time while continuing to work full time. 

Career Support

Florida State University provides graduate career support to its online MBA students. Their website offers relevant information on career planning and post-graduate career options. FSU also encourages students to make use of their Graduate Career Advising facilities.