A Complete Guide to the Tepper School of Business Online MBA

The Tepper online MBA is a part-time MBA program that offers the same value as a full-time in person degree. Courses focus on the future of business and are heavily founded on analytics. Students work collaboratively together in teams both in virtual classes and on assignments. 

Carnegie Mellon Tepper Part-Time Online MBA Data

Acceptance Rate50%
Total Tuition and Fees$28,735-29,235
Average GPA3.41
Average GMAT684
Average GREDoes not disclose
Average Age30
Average Work Experience6.9 years
DiversityFemale: 39%
International: 18%
The data above represents the CMU Tepper Part-Time Online MBA class.
See the full report here: CMU Tepper Part-Time Online MBA

How to Get into Tepper’s Online MBA?

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What is the Carnegie Mellon Tepper Online MBA Program?

Both the core and elective coursework in the Tepper program focus on leadership development and analytics. The curriculum aims to equip students with strong quantitative skills that they can use to resolve real-world issues. Students are required to have some form of experiential based activity, such as an internship. The typical semester is split in half, creating mini-semesters that last 6.5 weeks. This allows students to take a broader range of classes in the same amount of time as other programs. Tepper offers twelve concentrations, ranging from Finance to Communications to Operations Research, among others. 

Why choose an online program over an in-person MBA?

There are many advantages to choosing an online MBA, and it is important to pursue the program that is best for your life and your schedule. Online programs can be cheaper, since there’s no housing cost added to the tuition, which may be a factor in your decision. If you’re unable to step away from a full-time position, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, then an in-person degree might not be an option for you. In that case, an online program could be the way to go! Online MBAs are just as valid and “worth the money” as in-person programs are. Check out our article here for more information.

Do the full-time and online MBA degrees have a similar curriculum?

Yes! Most of the faculty that teach the in-person curriculum also teach in the online program. Both options require the same rigorous, hard work from the students to ensure that they are getting the most out of their time at the Tepper School of Business.

Admission Requirements

General Requirements Personal Info, Resume, Transcripts,
Letter of Recommendations, English Proficiency (if applicable)
ApplyCMU Tepper Part-Time Online MBA Application
Application Fee$200
Admissions EssayThere is one required essay for all Tepper MBA applicants (except college seniors):
a) The Tepper community is dynamic and unique. Each community member’s individual journey has shaped them into classmates who are collaborative, supportive, and inclusive. Describe how you have overcome adversity during your journey. What did you learn about yourself and how has that shaped who you are? (Maximum 350-500 words.)

b) There also is an optional essay for additional information about your candidacy that you may wish to share with the admissions committee. Use this essay to convey important information that you may not have otherwise been able to convey. This may include unexplained resume gaps, context for recommender selection, etc. However, do not feel obligated to complete the optional essay.

The school also asks about your post-MBA career goal as well as an alternative goal as a plan B. Tepper MBAs believe in being prepared!
GMAT/GREGMAT or GRE required with exceptions
InterviewThe evaluative interviews are by invitation only and are required.

See the full details here: CMU Tepper Part-Time Online MBA Admissions

Class Format

Live classes are offered twice a week to enable face-to-face contact between students and professors. There are also pre-recorded lectures and additional content that can be viewed on the student’s own time to supplement the live classes. Courses also provide students to work together in offline group projects.

Flexibility for Working Professionals

Most of the program is offered asynchronously, so the coursework and pre-recorded lectures can be completed when the student has time to do so. The live classes each week are offered in west coast and east coast time slots. Full-time professionals can stay at their current position while also still being able to earn their degree to further their career. 

What else does this program require of its students?

As with any program, you must prepare before class and stay up to date with assignments and readings. Group assignments are a large component of the online program, and papers and other projects are assigned by the professors, which vary based on the course. Students also attend Access Weekends throughout the semester to allow them to personally meet and work with their fellow classmates and professors. 

Career Support

Online students have the same access to the Masters Career Center that in-person students have. This program offers on-campus recruiting, career-related workshops, preparation programs, and industry-specific career coaches.