UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report: Updated for 2022

UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report

UCLA Anderson is a top business school in Los Angeles, California, with graduates moving into a wide range of careers in industries such as technology, consulting, and financial services. Over 34% of graduates in the class of 2021 entered into tech careers, with renowned companies such as Microsoft and Google. However, Anderson MBAs also secure jobs with some of the world’s leading firms such as Amazon and McKinsey & Company. Since UCLA Anderson graduates choose many diverse careers, it can be a good choice if you are still figuring out your post-MBA goals. 

This article will combine official Anderson MBAs’ employment data with our own analysis, offering readers all the information you’ll need to know from UCLA Anderson’s employment report. You will gain a detailed look at employment outcomes for MBA graduates of UCLA Anderson School of Management, including top employers, median base salary, industry, and post-MBA location.

UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report and Careers

Salary Average$165,150.00
The average salary is a total of average salary + signing bonus ($135,273 + $29,877)
Offers Upon Graduation82
Offers At 3 Mos.93
Post-MBA IndustriesTechnology: 33.2%
Equipment/Hardware/Networking: 4.6%
General: 12.9%
Internet Services/E-Commerce: 6.8%
Multimedia Products and Services: 0.7%
Software: 8.2%

Consulting: 16.4%

Financial Services: 18.9%
Investment Banking/Brokerage: 10.7%
Investment Management: 3.3%
Private Equity/Venture Capital: 2.5%
Other Financial Services: 2.5%

Healthcare: 7.9%
Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical: 1.8%
Medical Devices: 1.4%
Providers and Services: 2.1%
Other (including Digital Health): 2.5%

Consumer Products: 7.5%
Apparel/Textiles: 1.8%
Beverages/Food/Household Goods: 4.3%
Other (including Luxury Goods and Toys): 1.4%

Entertainment/Media: 6.1%
Gaming: 1.4%
General (Broadcast, Film, Music, Publishing): 2.5%
Sports Management: 0.7%
Other (including Advertising, Digital Media): 1.4%

Real Estate: 3.6%
Commercial: 2.1%
General: 1.4%

Energy/Utilities: 2.5%
Alternative Energy: 1.1%
Utility Services: 0.4%
Other (including EV Infrastructure): 1.1%

Transportation/Logistics Services: 1.4%

Other (including Agribusiness, Construction Services): 1.4%

Retail: 0.7%

Non-Profits/Social Enterprises: 0.4%
Post-MBA LocationsMid-Atlantic: 0.7%
Midwest: 4.3%
Northeast: 10.7%
South: 1.8%
Southwest: 2.5%
West (excluding California): 11.4%
Southern California: 40.4%
Northern California: 21.8%
Post-MBA Companies

UCLA Anderson Top Hiring Companies

Career Development Resources

UCLA Anderson Career Impact

The data above is from 2021 and represents the career statistics of the UCLA Anderson School of Management class of 2021.*
See the full employment report: UCLA Anderson MBA Employment Report

UCLA Anderson Parker Career Management Center

UCLA Anderson’s Parker Career Management Center has established a complete set of career management tools and procedures for the UCLA Anderson MBA class , including eight dedicated career counsellors. As a result, the UCLA Anderson class is more prepared to become leaders and change makers, not just as full-time candidates and entrepreneurs.

The centre also provides the following extremely valuable resources to students at UCLA Anderson School of Management: One-on-One Career Advising, Career Series, Anderson Career Teams (ACT), International Coaching Program, Workshops and Panels, Career Opportunities, Parker Portal, and Reciprocal Agreements.