The NYU Stern MBA Interview Preparation Guide

NYU Stern School of Business
Everything you need to know for the NYU Stern MBA interview.

Quick Facts 

Who does Stern interview?

Interviews are on a case by case basis.

Who conducts the Stern interview?

Interviews are generally conducted by a member of Stern’s admissions staff. Jump ahead to read more about Stern’s interviewers.

How long is the Stern interview?

The interview will last for approximately 30 minutes. Jump ahead to find out more on the interview length.

Where is the interview held?

Interviews are conducted in person in New York City, and via video or phone. Jump ahead to read more on the interview location.

What is the format?

The interviewers will have read the entire application prior to the interview, so it will not be a blind interview. Jump ahead to learn more about the format.

Deadlines and Decision Schedule 

The Stern admissions committee sends interview invitations on a rolling basis up to the decision date.

Video Essays

Stern does not ask for a video essay.

Detailed Overview

Drawing from first-hand interview reports, this section offers the most up-to-date information on Stern’s interview process.

Interviewer profile

Stern interviews are conducted by members of the admissions staff. Previous applicants characterize the interview as friendly and informal with an easy flow. One applicant remarked that their interview was not a typical question-and-answer session but instead had the tone of a conversation. Trick questions or stress tests are not common in the Stern interview. 

Since the interviewer will have read the application in full, applicants should expect tailor-made questions. There will not be many questions about the applicant’s background. Most applicants report a strong emphasis on the school itself and why the applicant has chosen Stern. Many applicants were asked what their goals are and specifically how Stern can help them achieve these goals. 

The interview is oriented to the future: many questions revolve around companies that the applicant has targeted for employment, strategies for recruitment, and plans for after graduation. One applicant reported that the interviewer paid particular attention to the applicant’s recruitment strategy for their desired company after graduation. Applicants would be advised to have a clear and well-thought out plan for how they will enter their career post-MBA. 


Although Stern estimates an average interview time of 30 minutes, many applicants report interviews that go beyond the half hour mark. An interview may last between 45 minutes to an hour. 


In-person interviews at Stern or an affiliate campus are typically required, but if such a trip is impossible, interviews may be conducted via phone or video.


Although the interview consists of questions and answers, several applicants found that the style of the interview was more along the lines of a conversation than a traditional interview. The interview may begin with some small talk or personal introductions. There is a wide range in the number of questions asked, anywhere from 4 to 10, and the length of the interview will reflect this. Expect follow-up questions as well. 

Many of the questions will be personalized for the applicant because the interviewer will have read the application prior to the interview. While there are a few open-ended questions, most questions are geared towards a specific answer. These specifics tend to be either related to previous work experience, the facilities/classes at Stern, or post-graduate employment goals.  

Because of the specific nature of the questions, the conversation may not move in the direction that the applicant wants. However, there is time at the end for questions from applicants, which is an opportunity for the applicant to share details about themselves. Applicants should develop some questions that will allow them to highlight aspects of themselves the interviewer may not have asked about. 

NYU Stern MBA Interview Sample Questions

This section lists a number of possible Stern questions. Like the details in the section above, these questions are sourced from first-hand interview reports.

You can use the questions below to conduct mock interviews that mimic an actual conversation. For best results, however, consider seeking expert help via Menlo Coaching’s interview prep service.

The Stern interview, sample questions

  1. Highlight Experiences in Your Resume
  2. Why an MBA? Why Stern? 
  3. What are Your Short/Long Term Goals and How Can Stern Help?
  4. How Would You Utilize Stern’s Office of Career Development? 
  5. What is Your Plan B for Recruitment?
  6. What is Something You are Excited About in New York?
  7. Tell Me About a Time You Had To Work in Teams?
  8. What is Your Dream Job? 
  9. What Piece of Feedback Have You Received From a Mentor That Stuck With You?
  10. What Leadership Skills Do You Wish to Develop at Stern?
  11. Questions for the Interviewer

If you’re looking for guidance on how to answer questions like these with confidence, you can find detailed breakdowns for MBA interview questions here.