Opportunities for International MBA Students at Duke Fuqua

At Menlo Coaching, we respect Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business for aiming to admit students who are intelligent, collaborative, and above all, decent human beings.

Menlo Coaching’s founding partner David White sat down with Duke Fuqua’s Associate Dean for Admissions Shari Hubert. In this part of the interview, they discuss opportunities for international MBA students at Fuqua.

This video includes:

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Advantages for International Students at Fuqua

The Fuqua MBA program has a few special measures in place to ensure that the international community is well supported. In particular, there is a strong focus on making certain that international students at Fuqua succeed in furthering their careers.

Academic Programs

Fuqua offers programs in analytical areas, which are valuable in themselves, but also allow students an extended OPT time on their US visa. Fuqua’s Management Science and Technology Management (MSTeM) program, which falls under the category of concentrations and certificates, is available for students to pursue as a second major. This program consists of eight electives that enables students to use data to make informed business decisions. A third of the graduating MBA class of 2019 enrolled in the MSTeM program, out of which 75% were international.

Job Search 

Duke Fuqua ensures that international students are well-supported, which is why they kick off with an international student orientation. Moreover, Fuqua’s Career Management Center has a dedicated person making sure that international students have the right tools to prepare for their job search. The career center in general also maintains a list of companies that are willing to sponsor international students. The program has noticed that it is generally the consulting and financial services firms that are willing to sponsor their employees. This is less true for CPG companies and healthcare firms.

Worldwide Recruiting

Fuqua organizes treks to help people recruit in international locations directly. These treks are student-driven and interest-based. Moreover, the program also has ongoing efforts to develop employer relations in China, as a number of international students from China are interested in returning immediately after the MBA. Duke Fuqua also has international staff members that are located globally who play a vital role in maintaining alumni relations as well as local relationships with employers.

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Recruitment in International Locations

Throughout your time at Duke Fuqua, the school’s Career Management Center ensures that they work with various resources on campus, including the International student clubs, alumni, and the International Program office, to provide the best possible guidance in your job search and career development.

One of the ways in which students can benefit from a Fuqua MBA is through the treks available in the program. At Duke Fuqua, international treks are interest-driven, and therefore, students can facilitate a trek at a global location of their choice in order to participate in the recruitment process internationally. Students interested in international locations can use these treks to meet with recruiters directly. 

For instance, there are a large number of international students from China enrolled in Duke Fuqua’s MBA program, who are often interested in returning to their home country immediately after graduating from the program. To meet the needs of such students who would like to return immediately post-graduation, Fuqua has team members that are physically located globally.

These global team members develop and strengthen employer relationships to connect them with international students. They also maintain relationships with alumni who are based outside of the US.