Quick Guide to the Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Program

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When discussing top business school programs, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is often on the list. Booth offers both a full-time MBA program and a part-time MBA program for those who cannot take a full year or two off of their work to pursue their degree. 

The Booth Part-Time MBA program is designed for those who want to continue working while obtaining their degree, and subsequently, need a class schedule that takes the industry workweek into consideration. This resource page lays out the basics on the Booth School of Business part-time MBA program, and covers all you need to know about whether the program is right for you.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Class Profile

Chicago Booth offers two part-time MBA programs: the Evening MBA Program and the Weekend MBA program. The typical class make up for each of these programs is shown below.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA, Evening MBA Program

DiversityFemale: 29%
Male: 71%
International students: 11%
Work Experience (years)Range (middle 80%): 3-11
GPARange (middle 80%): 2.8-3.8
EA Range (middle 80%): 148-156
GMATRange (middle 80%): 620-750
Average GREVerbal: 159
Quant: 159
Advanced Degree25%
Top Industries RepresentedInvestment Management/Research: 10%
Consulting: 10%
Diversified Financial Services: 7%
Manufacturing: 7%
Education: 6%
Non Profit: 6%
Healthcare: 5%
Software/Printing/Publishing: 5%
Other Financial Services: 5%
Consumer Products: 4%
Aerospace/Transportation: 3%
Government: 3%
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology: 3%
Real Estate: 3%
Commercial Banking: 2%
Computer-Related Services: 2%
Energy/Oil/Utilities: 2%
Insurance: 2%
Investment Banking/Brokerage: 2%
Other Industry: 2%
Telecommunications: 2%
Wholesale: 2%
Retail: 1%
Advertising/Marketing/Communications: 0.7%
Agribusiness: 0.7%
Arts/Media/Entertainment: 0.7%
Construction: 0.7%
Entertainment/Leisure: 0.7%
Food Service/Lodging/Leisure: 0.7%
Technology – Software: 0.7%
Explore the full class profile here: Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Program 2022 Incoming Class Profile, Evening

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA, Weekend MBA Program

DiversityFemale: 29.5%
Male: 70.5%
International Students: 24%
Work Experience (years)Range (middle 80%): 3-11
GPARange (middle 80%): 2.9–3.8
EARange (middle 80%): 150-160
GMATRange (middle 80%): 650–750
Average GREVerbal: 158
Quant: 161
Advanced Degree42%
Top Industries RepresentedManufacturing: 11%
Healthcare: 9%
Consulting: 7%
Investment Management/Research: 6%
Software/Printing/Publishing: 6%
Aerospace/Transportation: 6%
Energy/Oil/Utilities: 6%
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology: 5%
Consumer Products: 4%
Insurance: 4%
Other: 4%
Accounting: 3%
Diversified Financial Services: 3%
Government: 3%
Investment Banking/Brokerage: 3%
Non Profit: 3%
Real Estate: 3%
Arts/Media/Entertainment: 2%
Retail: 2%
Advertising/Marketing/Communications: 1%
Computer-Related Services: 1%
Construction: 1%
Education: 1%
Commercial Banking: 1%
Construction: 1%
Education: 1%
Food Service/Lodging/Leisure: 1%
Law: 1%
Telecommunications: 1%
Technology – Software: 0.7%
Widely Diversified Manufacturing: 0.7%
Widely Diversified Services: 0.7%
Explore the full class profile here: Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Program 2022 Incoming Class Profile, Weekend

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Student Experiences

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA 

If you’re looking into a part-time MBA, you may also be wondering how the program is structured, so that you can realistically balance working full-time with completing MBA coursework and other program requirements. We hear this question over and over again from clients who are applying to part-time or executive programs, so no, you’re not alone!

Booth has two distinct tracks for its part time MBA program: an evening format and a weekend format. We’re going to break down the format of both of Booth’s part-time program options so that you get a sense of what to expect.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Class Format

The courses for the Booth Evening MBA take place one night a week from 6-9pm. Each quarter of the program lasts 11 weeks, with the exception of the summer quarter, which is only 10 weeks. The majority of students for the Evening MBA are Chicago-area residents. 

By contrast, the Booth Weekend MBA holds classes every Saturday during its 11-week term. Students have a choice of taking a 9am-12pm block of courses or a block from 1:30-4:30pm. Weekend courses are otherwise identical to evening courses and are recommended for folks with busy weekday schedules or those from outside the Chicago area who may need to commute in. About 70% of Booth’s Weekend MBA students come from outside Illinois.

Additionally, there is a great deal of flexibility in Booth’s part-time MBA course-schedule. If you end up missing a session in your evening or weekend class, you can make it up during the corresponding session for the other program. You can even take a corresponding course from the full-time program if your schedule allows for it. 

Other Logistics

There are a lot of other logistics to consider when getting a part-time MBA. One of the most important things to know about Chicago Booth is that it is extremely academically rigorous. So much so that the school hosts two weekly drinking events to help students blow off steam!

In regard to the timeline, while the typical Booth part-time MBA student takes about two and a half years to finish the degree, students have up to 5 years to complete all the requirements. This may sound like a long time, but it also assumes that there are no major changes in your workload that would cause you to postpone classes for multiple quarters. 

Additionally, while Chicago Booth is quite flexible when it comes to its own courses, bear in mind a couple strict policies:

  • They do not accept any transfer credits from other business schools.
  • They offer no opportunities to waive the 20 courses necessary for completing the degree. 

Finally, the financial cost of a top MBA (even a part time one) can be quite expensive. While there are multiple opportunities for financial aid for your MBA, the cost per course was $7,344 during the 2020-2021 school year. Though, to help keep your calculations consistent, your tuition is locked in at the rate of the year you entered. So the good news is that there will not be unexpected tuition hikes partway through your degree.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Curriculum

At the center of the Chicago Booth MBA curriculum (for both full-time and part-time students) is LEAD, which is their flagship, experiential learning, leadership development program. The LEAD program is also the only absolutely required part of the curriculum. For Evening and Weekend MBA students, LEAD is folded into LAUNCH, a three-day introductory experience that helps to onboard the new class. In this setting, LEAD is geared towards developing new mindsets, practicing peer-education skills, better understanding automatic behaviors, receiving useful feedback from professors, and ends with a team-driven case challenge that pulls together the bevy of developed skills.

Beyond the LEAD course, Chicago Booth’s part time MBA curriculum focuses on three areas with many classes at various levels of complexity and mastery: financial accounting, microeconomics, and statistics. These courses may also spark an interest in one of Booth’s many MBA concentrations, which range from Analytic Finance to Operations Management. 

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Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Application

Make sure to consult the application requirements and the admission requirements for Booth’s part time MBA program, taking note of any deadlines. Below, we discuss the latest essays that are required as part of the application, and the Booth part-time MBA program interview process.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Essays

As part of the application process to Booth’s part-time program, you will have to complete two essays. These essays are intended for the AdCom to get to know you better. Here are the prompts for the 2021-2022 application:

  • Essay 1. Why are you seeking an MBA from Chicago Booth, and why is Chicago Booth’s Evening MBA or Weekend MBA your program of choice? (400 word limit)
  • Essay 2.The University of Chicago’s motto is “let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched.” Please tell us how your individual perspective and experiences will enrich and have an impact on the Booth community. Feel free to use examples from both your personal and professional life. (300 word limit)

Additionally, there is a Reapplicant Essay (500 word limit) as part of the application, and an optional essay (500 word limit), which can be used to address important information that cannot be covered in the two prompts above.

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Interview

The Chicago Booth part time MBA interview is by invitation. Invitations are sent out within 10 business days of the application being submitted and are held at the school’s Gleacher Center. The interviews are conducted by members of the AdCom, alongside current students, alumni, and members of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA team. 

Why Chicago Booth?

One of Booth’s greatest strengths as a top tier MBA school is its flexibility. With the LEAD program being the only required course, you can really build a custom-made MBA that focuses on exactly what you hope to achieve both during your time on campus and in the years that follow. 

Finally, Booth Evening and Weekend part time MBA students also have access to a myriad of international opportunities, including combined MBA/MA programs, on three different continents.

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*All data retrieved from the Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Program webpages, unless otherwise stated.