2022-2023 MBA Essays: Tips for Eccles School of Business

The David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City-Utah

Eccles School of Business has not yet released its essays for the 2022-2023 application cycle, but it’s a good idea to start preparing now. Most MBA programs will highly value the personal statement in your application. So don’t slack on it! Writing a unique essay that captures your individuality while responding to the prompt is a challenging task, but here at Menlo Coaching, we have a comprehensive guide to perfect it.

Eccles School of Business is looking for students with a well-rounded background and lots of experience that can be translated into a succinct and compelling statement. One of the essential tips for an impactful essay is asking yourself why you chose to highlight a particular experience. Did it show significant professional development? Did it show how you overcame a personal struggle? Making sure your essay connects to the prompt, especially that it shows why you are pursuing an MBA, will make your essay stand out. No matter what the essay prompt is, these tips are broadly applicable. With that being said, the two different types of essays you will see on Eccles School of Business’s application are career goals and behavioral.

The Career Goals Essay

The career goals essay is the space to emphasize your post-MBA plans. MBA programs want to accept students who have concrete, achievable career plans and a roadmap to success. MBA programs want a glowing post-grad report that proves they produce successful graduates with many job prospects (and who will donate money in the future)! Eccles School of Business also wants students to promote their program to friends, co-workers, and prospective applicants.

The career goals essay combines your hard statistics (ex: GMAT score) with your interpersonal skills (ex: recommendations) to formulate the case for getting an MBA. Make sure to state your achievable short-term and long-term goals explicitly. Explain why an MBA would help you achieve these goals and how Eccles School of Business is essential to your plan. Also, research what fields the graduates of Eccles School of Business enter, and emphasize your findings in the essay to show you’re genuinely interested.

Their career goals prompt for last year was: Describe your first job right after MBA graduation. Include as much detail as possible about your future industry, job title, location, salary, and any other components of your post-MBA career results. How will you use your current skills, professional background, and network to achieve those career results? How will a University of Utah Full-Time MBA help you get that job?

The Behavioral Essay

The behavioral essay asks you to reflect on your professional leadership skills. This could mean recalling a time when you’ve led a team to success or recovered after a failure and what you learned. Be honest with this essay, and don’t downplay the story; AdCom can tell if you’re disingenuous. Showing growth is essential to a constructive essay and shows development that you can easily apply to on-campus activities.

Say what mistakes you made and how you remedied them; if there is a situation where you used the lessons you learned from the failures, be sure to include that. Having the bravery to express your failures shows that you are willing to admit your mistakes. Last year, their prompts were: What unique characteristics would you bring to class conversations and group activities, and how would you add to the diversity of thought and experience within the classroom? As a professional, what has been your greatest challenge, and how did you overcome it?


Overall, honesty and growth are the most important parts of a successful MBA application essay. In addition, applying the lessons you learned shows improvement in your interpersonal and professional skills, making you a more attractive candidate for MBA programs. At Menlo Coaching, we are prepared to help you take the next step and perfect your essays. Visit our process page to understand how Menlo Coaching can help you!