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2023-2024 MBA Essays: Tips for Carlson University of Minnesota

Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

This year’s MBA application prompts are not out yet, but it’s a good idea to start brainstorming what your topics will be. Wondering where to start, what to write? No worries, we have all the tips you need to get a nice start on writing a quality essay for Carlson School of Management.  

Carlson offers full-time, part-time, and online MBA programs, and they are prepared to support students at all stages in the career development process. Relationships with employers are valued and they provide employers with a variety of services, such as on-campus recruiting and internship program development. Through the story you relate in your essay, the admissions council is looking to see if you reflect the same values that the school does. Carlson is looking for students who want to explore their personal identity in a safe space that allows them to also learn about others in a genuine, focused manner. The best way to represent that you possess those qualities is through the type of essay you choose to write. 

It’s crucial to pick the right experience to discuss in your essay, and the different types of prompts help narrow that down for you. Keep reading for a closer look at the different types of essays, and how best to utilize them in order to write a stand-out essay for Carlson School of Management. 

The Career Goals Essay

You’re not the only one hoping you’ll have a job after you’ve graduated with your MBA. Admissions committees are looking for students who are motivated and clear in their intentions so that when they get a job post-grad, they’ll be more willing to speak positively of their experience in the program. And, of course, in the hopes that their alumni will earn enough money to become a donor to the school one day.  

There are three aspects to the career goals essay: 

Your aspirations need to be convincing, ambitious, and realistic. Carlson School is looking for applicants who have meaningful goals grounded in their past experiences, and it’s important that you relate that notion in your essay, however it applies to your experience in life. 

Career Goals
Your personal statement should address:

1. Why are you choosing to pursue an MBA at this time in your career? What are you hoping to accomplish by doing so?

2. What excites you about being part of the Carlson School MBA program? Do you have an enterprise program that you are currently interested in and why?

3. Can you tell us about how you have participated in and/or advocated for building more inclusive communities in your career?



Writing strong, coherent, genuine stories is an essential part of your MBA application. These essays are meant to help you stand out among many other applicants, so it is worth your time to do the work and write about situations unique to your life and that you truly learned from. Visit our process page to understand how Menlo Coaching can help you with your MBA essays for Carlson School of Management.