Strategy Consulting VP Triumphs with Acceptances to Wharton, Yale, and Oxford

Morgan studied Journalism and Political Science before realizing she wanted to pursue her passion for sustainability and business. With Sr. Admissions Consultant, Lainie Blum Cogan at her side, Morgan applied for her MBA to move from Strategy Consulting to ESG and Sustainability Consulting.

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    University of Southern California
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
    Strategy Consulting
  • Career Goals: 
    ESG and Sustainability Consulting
  • Admitted At:
  • Coach:

Highlights From Morgan’s Story

#1 Personalized Approach

One of the standout aspects of Morgan’s experience with Menlo Coaching was the personalized approach. Her coach, Lainie, took the time to truly understand Morgan as an individual, delving together into her life and career objectives to authentically craft her story.

With this guidance, Morgan successfully conveyed her intentions and aspirations to the MBA programs she applied for. With her studies in journalism and political science, Morgan’s main concern was that she lacked the quantitative background that business schools look for, but with the help of Menlo Coaching, she highlighted the statistics, research, and financial management of clients experience that she has gained in her current job.

#2 Hands-On Guidance

The process started with in-depth discussions about Morgan’s career and life, the reasons why she wanted to do an MBA, and the pathway that she saw her career taking. From these discussions, Lainie and Morgan collaborated to develop compelling essay ideas.

This journey also revealed hidden gems in Morgan’s background that she had not considered sharing before. Lainie’s skill in identifying these essential elements paved the way for Morgan to articulate her story with clarity and purpose.

Moreover, Menlo Coaching helped Morgan follow a steady pace with her work, stay on track and motivated her to take ownership of her work throughout the application process. The Menlo Coaching Application Platform facilitated seamless collaboration and provided insights into the experiences of other applicants, enhancing Morgan’s interview preparation.

#3 Emotional Support

The MBA application process can be daunting, and having Lainie rooting for her made all the difference for Morgan.

In the intense and reflective MBA application process, Morgan appreciated having someone on her corner, offering support and encouragement. How invested her coach was in Morgan’s success was also evident in Lainie’s keen attention to detail, which ensured the application materials were refined, polished, and presented to the admissions teams as a coherent whole.

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