NFL Business Analyst On His Acceptance to Stanford

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    Albion College
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
    Business Analytics
  • Career Goals: 
    Run a Sports Franchise
  • Admitted At:
    Stanford, Ross, Tuck, Haas, Yale and Sloan
  • Coach:

Highlights from Jon’s story 

#1 A Sports Analyst Looking for the Next Step

As a busy analyst for the Detroit Lions, Jon decided an MBA coaching service would be the best way to increase his chances of winning admission. He also knew that MBA admissions experts would be able to shed some light on the process, as his knowledge of business school applications was murky at best. Jon did have a strong background in math and coding—but he was unsure what business schools prioritized in an applicant. Menlo Coaching not only helped answer his questions, but when deadlines came around, he knew the MBA process intimately and was well prepared for his interviews.

#2 Connecting With His Coach

Jon appreciated Yaron’s straightforward approach to advice-giving: he received actionable feedback on improving his application, without worrying whether Yaron was just telling him what he wanted to hear. About Yaron, Jon stated, “I just felt immediately reassured by his presence and his deep well of knowledge.”

In fact, Jon said that he learned more about the MBA application from the initial phone call with Yaron than during the entire time researching on his own. Yaron also pushed Jon to network with three students from each school, allowing Jon to get an accurate sense of the school’s individual values.

#3 Advice for New Applicants

Jon’s only regret? Not starting with Menlo Coaching earlier! In the end, he was admitted to Yale, Ross, Stanford, Tuck, MIT, and Haas—with scholarship money to boot. Deciding on a program wasn’t difficult—Jon accepted the invite from his dream school, Stanford GSB. 

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