Business Operations PM at Microsoft Wins Admission to Wharton

Coming from a background in business operations at a major tech company with a modified economics degree, Colin pursued an MBA degree in order to pivot into a new career. After a few months of hard work with expert admissions consultant, Yaron Dahan, he happily accepted an offer at Wharton. 

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    Dartmouth College
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
    Business Operations PM
  • Career Goals: 
    Career Pivot
  • Admitted At:
  • Coach:

Highlights From Colin’s Story

#1 Getting the Most Out of the Essay

Colin was uncertain about how to get the most out of his essays. When his coach, Yaron, took the time to truly get to know him, Colin felt assured that his applications would be genuine reflections of himself. Finding a coach who was invested in getting him into business school made it easy to trust the process. 

Better still, Colin found that Yaron’s critical yet fair feedback pushed him beyond what he would have considered his best possible essays. After submitting some of his best writing, Colin often found that his drafts would continue to be red-lined for being overly wordy or indirect—big faux pas in application essay writing and, it turns out, in writing in general. Yaron’s writing advice is something he will carry forward into his MBA and into his career.

#2 The Menlo Coaching Applications Platform

The Menlo Coaching Application Platform was one of the most useful tools in Colin’s arsenal when it came to managing his time and materials and learning foundational information about the MBA admissions landscape.

In his own time, Colin could watch videos recorded by Menlo Coaching’s admissions consultants answering questions that tend to come up throughout the application process, such as:

Watching these videos, Colin could approach his regular meetings with Yaron with an understanding of the broader strokes of MBA admissions and discuss aspects of the process that were specific to him and couldn’t be found online.

#3 Understanding your Presence

Another highlight of Colin’s Menlo Coaching experience was the communications training and interview prep, guided by Fearless Communicators.

Understanding his presence and how he comes across in a room has allowed him to best present his authentic self in interviews, meetings, and other professional situations. Further, the practical techniques he learned to maximize his voice and speech will remain useful as he moves forward in his career.

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