Business School Resources

Our Business School Resources cover everything you need to know as a prospective applicant. Use our time-saving guides to learn more about your target MBA programs, find out why you should take MBA rankings with a grain of salt, and see which business schools employ the most graduates in your industry.

Business School Guides

No more wasting time scrolling through artistically designed MBA program websites. On our school overview pages, you’ll find only the most important information for your MBA research: statistics, student and adcom interviews, and links to useful pages on the program’s official site.

Top US Business Schools Guides

Learn everything you need to know about the best US MBA programs in one, convenient listing. 

Top International Business School Guides

In-depth guides for the best European Business Schools, including INSEAD, IESE, LBS, HKUST and more.

Best Online MBA Program Guides

Covering the best online MBA programs on offer.

MBA Rankings

MBA rankings might seem like the most accurate source of information on programs, but that’s not always the case. Learn why rankings are made to benefit the publisher of the ranking, not the applicant.

MBA Data Reports

Menlo Coaching’s research team produces detailed industry reports on popular post-MBA career tracks.

Based on real student profiles, the data collected goes far beyond official employment reports to give you valuable insights into each MBA program’s job placement history in your target field.

Learn more about our methodology here.

Top MBA Employers

Go beyond the employment reports published by top programs: see our listing of the top MBA employers for US programs over the years 2018-2020.

Management Consulting

Detailed analysis of post-MBA consulting placements that breaks down industry data on a granular level.

Investment Banking

Detailed analysis of post-MBA investment banking placements that breaks down industry data on a granular level.

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