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3 invaluable benefits
of test prep with Menlo Coaching GMAT

  1. You save valuable time. Whether you’re in finance, consulting, tech, or another high-intensity pre-MBA job, you don’t have time to waste on your GMAT prep. Our program is built to maximize the study time you take out of your busy work schedule: starting with a diagnostic evaluation, we quickly identify weaknesses and focus on the most important strategies and content areas for your personal score improvement. Time is never wasted on basic content and question types that you have already mastered.
  2. You receive the highest quality instruction.  Head of Test Prep, Chris Kane, is a master in the field.  Before joining Menlo Coaching, he spent 15 years as lead instructor and curriculum developer at a major test prep company, and then as CEO of his own GMAT prep firm.  His commitment to providing the highest quality one-on-one tutoring and group courses is well known among his students and colleagues.  With Menlo Coaching GMAT, you will only work with the best instructors in the industry.
  3. You get results.  To achieve the elite scores required for top MBA programs, it is essential that you prepare with an advanced curriculum and a highly experienced instructor.  Scores above 700 require not only a mastery of underlying content, but also a very particular set of problem-solving strategies and mindsets.  Our program provides a personalized and highly sophisticated approach that yields positive outcomes for our clients. Importantly, a higher GMAT score can lead directly to a better chance of admission and substantial scholarships.

2 great options to prepare you for the GMAT

One-on One Tutoring

Work with Chris on a private basis. This option is perfect for students who have targeted weaknesses or want more personalized attention. Private tutoring is $400/hour, charged only against contact hours, not against prep time.

Group Courses

Prepare for the GMAT in a group course.  This option is a good fit for those who are just starting their preparation or who need general improvement on most components of the exam. Our GMAT prep course is $2,000 for a comprehensive 5-week course.

  • The most efficient GMAT prep available.
  • An engaging and interactive online classroom.
  • No rookie instructors.
  • No teaching to the median; it’s designed for 700+ scorers!
  • A focus on critical thinking, strategy, and problem solving.
  • A curriculum with curated official problems.


Chris has found a way to combine curriculum, engagement, and encouragement to drive positive outcomes for his clients […] I strongly support and recommend Chris to anyone I come in contact with who is considering taking the GMAT or going to business school.

Chicago Booth Admit, 770
Class of 2022
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GMAT Strategy Video 1: Hard Geometry

In this video, Chris covers the strategies needed to approach geometry questions on the GMAT.

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