Marissa Wood

Sr. Manager, Operations

As Senior Manager of Operations, Marissa is dedicated to creating the perfect conditions for applicants to move through the admissions process with ease, and for coaches to do what they do best: coach.

Along with continuously working with the team to improve the Menlo Coaching service, Marissa deals with the project management side of coaching, making sure clients remain on track with their application materials. She is also involved with the company’s marketing and helps lead high-quality content to fruition for those interested in learning more about Menlo Coaching and the MBA application process in general.

She loves working at Menlo Coaching because she feels a part of a team that cares about the outcome of their work, that commits to being exceptional, and with whom she learns something new every day.

Before joining Menlo Coaching, Marissa completed her Master’s degree in Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. During that time, she was selected for a Digital Marketing Internship with Skyteam Airline Alliance. The year prior, she studied Management of Cultural Diversity at the University of Tilburg, and while there, she landed an editing job with the school’s digital magazine on culture studies, for which she also authored a handful of articles. Of her higher education experience in the Netherlands she says:

“Studying in Europe afforded me the opportunity to understand diversity differently, to interact in multiple languages with multiple cultures, in one single classroom. I developed a set of interpersonal skills that I wasn’t even aware existed before.” 

Marissa obtained her B.S.Ed. in Spanish from Ohio University, and taught in the US public school system for three years. She was the pioneer teacher of foreign language programs at two schools, building the curriculum from the ground up.

Having a love for language and culture, she decided to move to Mexico to immerse herself in both. While there, she taught English at Berlitz language company where her range of students consisted of business professionals, college students, and young children.

During her time as a teacher, Marissa was a sports coach (basketball and cross country) as well as an advisor for several clubs. She enjoys travelling, cooking, spending time with her family, and is actively studying French and Dutch.

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