Daniel Sweet

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Daniel is inspired by the service Menlo Coaching provides. As Sr. Manager for marketing, he is dedicated to continuously developing Menlo Coaching’s content offerings and improving the experience of clients.

His favorite part of working at Menlo Coaching is the supportive atmosphere: all team members are encouraged to ask questions, develop their skills, and take initiative.

Before joining Menlo Coaching, Daniel worked as an editor and writer, producing digital and print content focused on the process industry. Between interviews with engineers and business leaders from all over the world, he visited trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe and India, cultivating the “insider’s perspective” necessary to report on business trends and project developments.

Daniel completed his B.A. at Ohio Wesleyan University, double majoring in English literature and philosophy. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in English literature from Indiana University, Indianapolis, as a University Fellow. As part of that degree, he also obtained a certificate in professional editing, helping to publish academic and trade books on the life and fiction of Ray Bradbury. These publications include an academic journal and a novel reissue, as well as a critically annotated edition of Bradbury’s short stories.

Originally from the United States, Daniel moved to the Netherlands in 2018, and has fond memories of his first birthday in the country: in lieu of cake, he enjoyed a platter of his favorite (fried) Dutch snack food, bitterballen. Daniel also enjoys browsing bookstores, watching movies, and exploring his new hometown, Amersfoort.

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