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Who is Ross Interested in for Its MBA Program?

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Here at Menlo Coaching, we appreciate the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for its commitment to teamwork and real-world experience.

Menlo Coaching’s Founding Partner, David White interviewed Soojin Kwon, the Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Student Experience at Ross to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be both an applicant and a student at this prestigious MBA program.

This interview includes:

  1. How the MBA Admissions Process is a Bit like Dating
  2. Researching Target Programs

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Who is Ross Interested in for Its MBA Program?

And why is MBA admissions like dating?

There are a lot of ways in which the MBA process is a bit like dating. Hear us out, there are two different parties involved with their own needs, preconceived notions, and expectations for the future. Let’s break down the ins and outs of this analogy and discuss how to map Ross’ admissions process onto it.

So given this dating-like relationship, it’s important for applicants to understand if they are a good fit for Ross and vice-versa.