Woman in PE Describes Her HBS + GSB Success

From a young age, Megan knew that the MBA was a crucial tool in boosting her network. After graduating from her undergrad at Wellesley, she worked in an investment banking analysis program in Chicago, later transferring to their Marketing and Analytics team in New York City. After three years of doing that work, she began with Stone Peak, an infrastructure-focused private equity firm. Now, she is pursuing her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    Wellesley College
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
    Investment Banking
  • Career Goals: 
    Become a Private Equity COO
  • Admitted At:
    Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Booth
  • Coach:

Highlights from Megan’s Story:

#1 Customized and Flexible Process

Megan recalls an anecdote about a last-minute phone call with her consultant, David. She needed to speak about her application before a particularly close deadline, and she was able to get David on the phone the very next day. She was continuously impressed by this personal, flexible approach throughout her work with Menlo Coaching. 

#2 Communications Training and Interview Prep

Megan completed professional communications training in the leadup to her MBA interviews, and she found this extremely valuable. Her training included several vocal exercises, walking through interview introduction basics, and focusing on leaving filler words out of your vocabulary.

#3 Working through Hesitation

Initially, Megan was unsure if she should commit herself to working with a consultant. She weighed her options, and, in the end, decided to take the plunge. In hindsight, she absolutely recommends Menlo Coaching as a priceless investment: the variety, depth, and length of help she received was worth the time and money she spent, and she came out the other side as a well-rounded and exceedingly prepared MBA applicant.

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