PE Applicant Discusses HBS Admit

After graduating with a Business Major at the University of Michigan, David worked in investment banking before moving into a private equity firm in Chicago. He received acceptance letters to Wharton and HBS, ultimately accepting Harvard’s offer.

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    University of Michigan
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
    Private Equity
  • Career Goals: 
    Getting an MBA Being a Investment for Future
  • Admitted At:
    Harvard, Wharton
  • Coach:

Highlights from David’s Story

#1 Applying for an MBA is an Investment in Yourself

When David decided to take the leap and apply to an MBA, he knew he wanted to put his best foot forward. First-hand recommendations from colleagues at his private equity firm motivated him to take the plunge with Menlo Coaching. The Menlo approach resonated with David and he treated the cost as an investment in himself.

#2 Optimizing Essays

David was hesitant about the essay portion of the application, worried that his traditional background would be a hinder to the admissions committee seeing his value. By taking the time to truly get to know him, his consultant, Yaron, was able to draw out engaging stories for the application. With the help of Menlo Coaching, he was happily surprised to find that in the end the essay represented exactly who he was and what he cared about.

#3 Advice for MBA applicants

David’s top advice to prospective MBA applicants is to start early and get the GMAT out of the way, setting aside plenty of time to focus on the essay. His main takeaway is to keep an open mind of what constitutes a story that belongs in your MBA essay and put your true self forward.

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