Woman in Investment Banking to Attend HBS for Entrepreneurship

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Pre-MBA Industry: 
  • Career Goals: 
    Understanding the Operational Side of Investment Banking
  • Admitted At:
    Harvard, Stanford GSB
  • Coach:

Highlights from Michelle’s Story

#1: An Entrepreneur Overwhelmed by Choices

Michelle had always been inspired by her father, an entrepreneur and business owner, and wanted to get her MBA to help grow the family business. Michelle had lots of ideas for how she might achieve her career goals—but was a little overwhelmed with choice. Menlo Coaching helped her to narrow down her choices and focus her energy on productive steps to achieve her goals. 

#2: Choosing the Best Consultant

Michelle researched and contacted multiple MBA admissions consulting firms, but Menlo Coaching stood out to her for its inclusive packages. Where other firms she contacted charged hourly rates, Michelle found that the “all-in” service at Menlo Coaching was a better value.

#3: Destressing through Personalized Service

The MBA application process was quite stressful for Michelle—especially on top of her 13-hour days at the office. It was a welcome relief to have a responsive team behind her: her coach Alice would always get back to her questions within a day, and sometimes within an hour. Beyond Alice, other Menlo Coaching team members supported Michelle with individualized attention that not only helped her through the application process but also made her feel comfortable and confident when the time came for final interviews.

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