Woman in EdTech Admitted to Chicago Booth on Full Ride

Applicant Stats


  • Undergraduate Institution
  • Industry: 
  • Career Goals: 
    Become an Entrepreneur
  • Admitted At:
    Booth, Yale, Tuck, Ross, Johnson
  • Coach:

Highlights from Ilana’s Story

Before applying for an MBA, Ilana worked for an Artificial Intelligence company serving first-generation and low-income college students. Eventually, she became interested in moving past education to focus on the problems of social and economic mobility in the US. She decided to get an MBA to develop the business skills necessary for starting her own company. However, she worried that, since her resume only highlighted her background in education, MBA admission committees would dismiss her as a “one-trick pony.”

#1: Deciding to Hire an MBA Consultant

Ilana struggled to comprehend the MBA application process and did not have anyone in her current network to support her in this goal. Thus, she decided to work with Menlo Coaching not only to help her make sense of the application process but also to take her personal story and make it understandable for admission committees.

#2: Working with Menlo Coaching

Ilana chose to work with Menlo Coaching, because of their holistic approach to MBA applications. Both Ilana and Menlo Coaching prioritize a holistic approach, realizing that there is no single trick for getting into top business schools. Further, Ilana felt connected to and comfortable with everyone working at Menlo Coaching, but especially connected with her coach Lainie. Ilana believes Lainie did a great job listening to her story and helping her connect the dots. Ultimately, Menlo Coaching was able to provide Ilana with both application and personal support.

#3: Starting the Application Close to the Deadlines

Ilana started working with Menlo Coaching less than 12 weeks before application deadlines. Despite the stress of coming to the process late, Menlo Coaching helped her stay on track and turn all application materials in on time, with amazing results. Ilana was given the opportunity to interview at all seven schools she applied to and was offered full scholarships to five of them. She believes Menlo Coaching was a huge part of this accomplishment, giving her the support she needed to succeed.

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