GMAT tutoring for Boston Students, Delivered Online

Yes, we’ll admit it: this page is designed to reach students who are searching for “GMAT tutor Boston.”

And although our office isn’t based in Boston, we serve plenty of GMAT tutoring clients who are. That’s because our service is an excellent fit for Boston-area GMAT students.

After all, if you live in Boston, you’re probably working in a demanding field, such as management consulting, venture capital & private equity, or biotech, and you don’t have time to waste on inefficient methods of studying for the GMAT. You need an efficient plan for your GMAT prep: one that will raise your GMAT score in a short amount of time.

Our GMAT tutoring service for Boston-area applicants is designed to meet the needs of local students, remotely. Menlo Coaching’s GMAT tutors will work with you one-on-one through convenient online platforms to help you reach your target score in as short a time as possible. We provide personalized study plans, a complete curriculum, homework assignments, and more. We can even help you manage stress levels as you approach test day.

How do we deliver high GMAT scores rapidly for busy students just like you?

If you want the full details on our service and how it works, visit our GMAT tutoring page.

For a few more questions that are specific to Boston-area applicants, read on.

Which GMAT tutors serve our Boston GMAT clients?

Ron Awad
GMAT Tutor since 2011

Ron Awad

Since first preparing for the GMAT in 2007, Ron has been passionate about GMAT minutiae, converting his love of tutoring students into a full-time career in collegial education. Specifically, with a decade of private GMAT tutoring experience at this level, he has seen the structures and traps employed time and again by the GMAT to snare students. And Ron can show you how to avoid these traps efficiently.

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GMAT Tutor since 2016

Dave de Koos

Throughout his 12 years of university-level teaching experience, Dave has come to realize that the key to mastering the GMAT is to gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals being tested and not to focus on tricks. His teaching style helps students to break down complex problems into simple, manageable pieces so that the concepts can be understood at a fundamental level and solutions can reveal themselves.

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GMAT Tutor since 2007

Travis Morgan, M.B.A.

Travis brings more than a dozen years of experience of private tutoring for the GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment exams, and he’s seen it all. An award-winning instructor, he has worked with hundreds of test takers across multi-student classrooms and individual tutoring. While Travis has helped students with starting GMAT scores ranging from the 200s to the 700s, his expertise lies in identifying the underlying causes for score plateaus and helping students break through them.

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GMAT / GRE Tutor since 2001

David Baird, I.M.B.A.

Over his 20+ year teaching career, David has acquired more than 10,000 hours each teaching and tutoring for both the GMAT and GRE exams. As a result, he has become an expert in the industry, with his sole focus being improving the lives and future careers of all his tutoring students. David now focuses his private tutoring on assisting world-class MBA candidates applying to top-tier MBA programs in achieving the highest possible score on the GMAT exam.

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FAQs on Boston GMAT Tutoring

Do you deliver in-person tutoring in Boston?

We provide online tutoring because our Boston-area students have consistently told us that they hate contending with Boston congestion as they commute between their offices and their tutors.

We believe firmly that you should skip the T, skip the traffic, and get started on GMAT study ASAP—by cutting out this delay, we help you fit more tutoring sessions and GMAT study time into your busy work schedules.

Furthermore, in the post-COVID era, some students prefer to have their tutoring sessions online for safety reasons.

Which business schools are your Boston-area students applying to?

The majority of our GMAT tutoring clients are applying to top-tier schools inside Boston (like HBS and MIT Sloan) as well as top 20 schools across the country. We also work with students applying to local MBA programs like Babson. With our proven GMAT tutoring methods and the reliable boost to your GMAT score that our program brings, we can help you establish a competitive profile for top business schools—whether you want to stay in Boston or not!

Who benefits most from working with a GMAT tutor?

Working with a GMAT tutor is especially useful for students who:

  • Need to achieve a high test score rapidly, perhaps due to MBA application deadlines, or because of the pressure from extreme work hours that don’t provide much time for GMAT study
  • Have already completed an online GMAT course or completed significant self-study as part of their test prep, and have remaining weaknesses that are better addressed through private tutoring than group classes
  • Are aiming for the highest possible GMAT scores, 750+, in order to maximize their odds of business school admissions and scholarships
What is included in the Menlo Coaching GMAT Tutoring package?

All tutoring packages include complete access to the Menlo Coaching GMAT curriculum:

  • “Refresh Module” PDFs that efficiently cover the content needed to solve Quantitative and Verbal problems: Arithmetic, Critical Reasoning, Algebra, Word Problems, Sentence Correction, Geometry and Statistics
  • 12 lessons containing proprietary strategies for solving tough problems quickly: Intro to the GMAT, Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems, Geometry & Statistics, Data Sufficiency, Critical Reasoning 1, Critical Reasoning 2, Sentence Correction 1, Sentence Correction 2, Reading Comprehension, and the Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Homework assignments highlighting the most important problems from GMAC’s official guides
  • 35 hours of recorded GMAT instruction from our online course
  • A study schedule showing you how to use the official GMAC practice tests as part of your preparation for test day
  • Self-hypnosis recordings to help you overcome procrastination and the test anxiety sometimes triggered by a computer-adaptive test

What kind of results do clients achieve by working with your GMAT tutors?

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